new to site, new to dog ownership



Hello All,

I'm a new dog owner. We got our pup as a rescue in October. Brady is approx 7 months old and a Border Collie/Black Lab Mix who was found as a stray with his sister:dogsmile:. We've been going to school, and start Obedience 2 in a couple of weeks.
One of Brady's favorite things is training time, so I was looking for some more things to do with him and came across this site. Looking forward to trying some new things and learning from the rest of you!


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Welcome, and congrats on your new pup! Also, kudos to you for adopting. =) I have a rescue dog myself. ^^ It's great that you're getting professional help with your new pup, and good luck to the both of you. Have fun, and check the classroom lessons as well as the chats we all have here at the lounge. =) Hope the site is helpful to you!


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And another rescue dog owner here. With those two breeds combined, it's no wonder your dog loves training so much. Good luck and welcome to the site.