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Hello Everyone!

I am new here to DTA and would like to introduce myself. I am the proud owner of a 2 year old Standard Poodle named "Molly". I rescued her from a family who was giving her away because they had a new baby and didn't feel they had the room for her. I am Deaf and am trying to train her to be my Hearing Ear dog. She is gentle, and knows basic commands. After searching the internet for programs offering dog training (in general) I found this one. I thought I would give it a try and see what happens.
I am looking forward to meeting all you peoples (and pupz)! Someone direct me in the right path...smiling.



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Hi and welcome to the Academy!!!

Have you ever trained dogs before? The classroom is a great introduction to basic training, how to use positive reinforcement training and the benefits of it, and generally how to teach a wide variety of tricks--anything from sit and stay to play chess!!! The monthly challenges are a great way to challenge you as a trainer and your dog's mind. Our last challenge was teaching your dog to Easter Egg Hunt. If you watch our past challenges, they might be of some help. One of our earliest challenges was to teach your dog a service-related task--to retrieve some household object. One of our members, CollieMan, recently taught his Border Collie to bring him the phone upon ringing. This would be helpful for you I would think.

We also have another member, Yoyopoodle, who breeds, trains, and finds home for Poodles for service work. Not sure if she does anything specifically for hearing ear dogs, but she could probably give you lots of tips. Feel free to ask any questions you might have anywhere in the lounge. If you have something in mind to teach Molly, but aren't sure where to start, just post a message in the lounge and many members are sure to reply. :)

Welcome to the Academy, enjoy the site, and best of luck!!