New Puppy - Name Ideas!


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Well she's not really a puppy - she's 7 months old - but who cares - she's new:D

I rescued her from the local pound, she was just too cute to ignore and she was on her way to being put to sleep.

So far her and Jukes are getting along nicely - I haven't decided what to call her yet, I'm thinking maybe Zeba,Bonnie,Tessa - not too sure.

Anyway here's a pic


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Gorgeous! It almost looks like a question mark on her head :)
Oh and look at her blurred tail, she's wagging!
I know that expression, before you could take another photo I think she was on her feet trying to stick her nose in the camera lens...
What about Meg? I don't know why but she looks like a Meg to me.
So glad you took her rather than letting her be put to sleep.


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Well Anneke, the pound said she was a collie but you know how they are - mistakes are common. I think she definitely has some border collie in her, but her ears are more like an aussie - hmm I'll have to think about it;)

I'll try and take a few more pictures of her tomorrow - right now I'm just trying to settle her in - maybe even encourage her to sleep at some point - maybe even before 1am - am I being too optomistic?


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Awe she's ADORABLE!!! And I'll guess Aussie x Border Collie too. As for names, let me think on it and get back to you.


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squeal! too cute! Yes, there's some border in that dog, is my guess, too!! Or maybe it's a full blooded Bitsa?
bitsa this, bitsa that....all your favorite breeds in one dog! and GOOD ON YOU for rescuing a dog!

I love the unique QUESTION MARK on her face,
and it'd be cute to play off of that somehow in her name.

Here are some translations (very crude translations) of the word "Question" in other languages (apologies to the other countries whose language i am choking, ha ha, and i only copied the ones that had a feminine sound to them)

FRENCH—Sujet, Discuter, Mettre, Poser, Douter
GERMAN---Zweifel, Fragen, Ausfragen, Sache
FINNISH----Kysella, Epailla
YIDDISH---Klausti, Tirti, Abejone, Abejoti, Kvosti,
LATIN---Rogo, Scrutor, Caussa
TURKISH---Soru, Mesele, Kusku, Suphe,
POLISH---Pytanie, Kwestia, Pytac,

If you google "dog names" no less than a bazillion sites pop up!!

I know a guy, who sat there and said dog names out loud, til the dog stood up, and he picked THAT name. bah ha ha! He likes to tell people that the dog "picked out" his own name.....


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Awww, she's just a little beauty!! :love: And I'll agree - I also just love the ? on her face! And she does look like maybe Border Collie (maybe that's what they meant by "Collie") and Aussie - in which case, she'll be whip-smart, and have energy up the wazoo! :LOL: I'm tired just thinking about it! Thanks so much for rescuing a pup in need - she'll repay you with all the love she has - forever!

Heehee - I love the name "Clue" - that's cute! I'll have to ponder others. Whoever she turns out to be, she's gonna be a cutie!


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I like the name Puzzle, but I don't know if people with associate that with the question mark on her head. The name Puzzle might seem odd, but there's nothing I dislike more than "normal" names for my dogs. I get a little anal about names when I get a new puppy.

I've read that you should try to pick names with two syllables because it will help with the dog distinguish the name from other short words. At least I think this is what it helps with. :confused: Anyway, it's supposed to help something. I don't know if it matters, but just a thought.

I'm really happy that a dog with such energy is in a home that knows how to handle a dog like that. She's absolutely gorgeous and she's going to have such a pretty coat. Whatever her mix, good luck! You're going to need it.


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"GUESS" or "CLUE" since she's got the question mark on her face, so cute. Whoops, "Clue" already mentioned; great minds think alike! :)

Dru/Drew--like Nancy Drew, still kind of following the question mark on her face, lol.
Bonnie is very cute, I like that one.


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Oh, just beautiful, and so sweet. :love: That is one gorgeous face!!

And ... I LOVE the name Quest - kind of using the Q for "Question" (as in ? mark on her face!) - and Quest, as in, who knows what she might be up to next!? Cute!! Good suggestion Tash. :) I might have just cast my vote. :-))