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Hi. I was just looking around online to find out different tricks to teach my dog and came across this site which seems pretty interesting so I figured that i would try it out. I have a chihuahua that is little over a year old that I would like to teach new tricks to. She does pretty good for a chi though I think anyways. We already sit, shake, lay down, roll over, dance, sit pretty, and jump through a hoop. Me and a friend, who has a golden are looking to do agility training this summer. So if anybody knows of any good sites that has agility training information that would be great. Okay now that I introduced myself and bragged about my baby I'll go take a look around the site a little more.

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Hi Jazzygirl! :welcome: to the website!

Doing agility is quite fun! Have you thought of looking in your yellow pages for a local agility club? Agility equipment is expensive, and you could probably train with them to use theirs and at the same time they'll show you how to train it. :dogbiggrin: