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    My name is Shannon. I Live in Rock Falls, IL. I have two black Labradors, Jackson, 3 yrs and Lindy Lou, 1.5 yrs. I also have an American Staffordshire Terrier, Lola who is 11 months. Our passion is in dock diving. My two labs compete and Lola is learning. I got involved in dock diving/dog sports when my kids graduated from school and moved out. I've always had dogs, but after the kids were gone, it became more of a passion. I also own a dock diving facility where we train, hold competitions and rent the pool out for practice/dog swimming. I would like to start in agility and competition obedience.

    Jackson doing Air Retrieve


    Lindy Lou

  2. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    Welcome !

    Nice pictures ! (y)

    Lindy lou and Jackson look like Frida !!

    I want to try dock diving also, Frida loves to dive from a dock into the lake at our cottage !! I'm wondering if she is to old to start on a real dock diving ramp she is 4 1/2 ?? She loooooves the water and she loooooves diving into the lake , but I know diving into a pool is different and can be a little bit scary for some dogs

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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Your dogs are beautiful and the pictures are amazing.:love:
    It sounds like you and your dogs have a great enjoyable life. Doe I have been wanting to try out dock diving with my dog Piper since she loves the water so much. When I watched a dock diving demonstration with her she went nuts every time a toy was thrown in the water and was desperately trying to get to the pool to get in. I really hope you stick around. Feel free to mention the thread to fellow dog lovers you know:D a lot of our members have gone M.I.A.:(
    P.S I would love to see new pictures here and there that you take they are really great.
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  4. running_dog Honored Member

    Welcome to dog trick academy :)
    It looks like your dogs have a lot of fun!
  5. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Welcome! It looks like you and your dogs have a lot of fun! I also have been wanting to try dock diving, sounds like a lot of us want to! :)
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  6. patco444 New Member

    Welcome.. Those are some really nice and interesting pics of your dogs. They are really cute! :)
  7. Caiti Experienced Member

    Welcome! Your dogs are very beautiful and those are such great action shots! Dock diving seems really fun, I've been considering trying it with one of my dogs. :)

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