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My name is Bruce. I am in Texas but really desire to get to Colorado very soon. Love the mountains. ANyways, I have a year and a half old border collie from Lock-Eye border collies. His name is Kelty and he is in training to be a forensic / historical remains detection K9. I also have a 20 week old female border collie from Lock-Eye border collies and her name is Zip. She too is training for FHRD.

Both love doing tricks in their spare time and I LOVE training them to do silly tricks. Kelty does "spread 'em" by putting his front paws on the wall and "assuming the position." He also does "Stick 'em up" by sitting on his rear and putting his hands in the air like he's being robbed. Very cute. I will try to post his videos but DTA website is evidentially not very friendly when it comes to uploading videos and photos. I look forward to meeting many of you and learning new tricks for the puppies.

I got into training when I got Kelty. I LOVE training and hope to obtain my certification to train dogs as a second occupation / career. I am in law enforcement now and enjoy the fact I only work 14 days a month. Leaves me so much time for training and playing with the dogs. We train hard and we play very hard too.


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Seems like there's a few other Lock Eye owners here if I remember right. Nice dogs. :)

Welcome from a fellow BC owner/lover! LOL my BC has an awful sense of smell. She'd never make it with a job that required her to use her nose. Poor sweet girl. Loves agility and tricks though; they don't involve smelling. :doglaugh: She knows a little over 40 commands and we learn more every day. My others are slowly approaching her level of training. :)

You guys would love the monthly challenges. Currently we're a little behind but we're working on the next challenge at this time.

Welcome to the Academy, and good luck with your dogs! Enjoy the site.