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    Hello everyone,
    I just joined this forum. My name is nicky and I have a 6 month old female chihuahua named PRINCESS!! I already started clicker training with her. Princess knows sit, lay down, shake, high five, bow, a bit of turn around, BANG lay dead but does it only on the bed. She still need work with them but doing better. she also does a bit stay. Still learning... At the moment im trying to potty train her OUTDOORS. She was on pee pads but that turn out to be a maddness. she would pee on the pads (SOMETIMES) and never poop. So i was told to DITCH the pads and go out. She doing better but still a few mistakes. She hates the snow. In the beg i woudl not crate her but after taking her pads away and do a fresh start i started to crate her at nights.
    Hopefully she will learn. I was told that chi are harder to potty train. Right now i want to start and TARGET with her. So she can learn the RING THE BELLS and that will be easy for me and i will know she wants to go out. So if anyone knows and tip on this please let me know.
    I know there is 2 kinds of TARGETS that is PAW and NOSE. but i would like to know more how what the cue to each one is and how to train them.
    Hoping to make new friends and learn something new :)

    nicky and princess..:dogtongue2:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Nicky and Princess! Welcome to the DTA! Sorry for the late reply, it's very busy over here! :) Did you mean ring bell as in ring the bell to go outside? A friend of mine taught this to their dog and they had to take the bell off since the dog was constantly wanting to go outside and ringing the bell, LOL! [IMG] But it's very easy to train, all you have to do is mount it low enough so that the bell is about eye-level of your dog, and just click & treat every time he touches it. Eventually your criteria should get stricter and only reward for making a noise, but you get the idea. :)
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  3. sara Moderator

    I taught Oliver to ring bells to go out. I taught him to target (with nose) and touch (with paw) wich were very simple concepts for him. Then I started asking him to target or touch and would click then go out immediately... it took him 3 times before he got the concept... then I took the bells away, as anytime I wasn't playing with him, or his doggie friends were outside, he asked out! LOL
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