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Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by huntyr, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. huntyr Well-Known Member

    I just stumbled on this website tonight and I am having a blast reading all the threads on the different tricks you have taught your dogs.
    Huntyr does the basics bang, shake hands, rollover, sit, down, stay, but I want to start teaching him alot more.
    Is there a specific place on this site that tells you HOW to teach these tricks? or just reading all threads ?
    I saw a video on one of the threads that showed the dog hugging her leg... that would be a blast for my "independent" dog. So out of character, it would be hilarious.

    If you can head me in the correct direction, I would be so appreciative...

    meanwhile, I am reading all the threads *S*..
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  2. SD&B Experienced Member

    I haven't been here long, but I haven't seen an official list of tricks with supporting documentation. However, some people have posted "trick lists". Of course, I think most will be happy to help if you ask about a certain trick. I love getting ideas for new tricks from this forum.

    A lot of the people here like Kikopup on Youtube. She is a great instructor and puts out great videos for tricks, obedience, behaviors, etc.... There is also Pamela Marxson. She has some good stuff.
  3. Puppylove Well-Known Member

    It's not so much about reading a "Step-by-step" instruction it's more about asking a "how to" question and getting everyone's different ideas, knowledge and advice.

    Different things work for different dogs and their owners/trainers so it's much better to get a whole bunch of different points of view and try them out and decide what works best for you and your dogs..
  4. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

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  5. huntyr Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone for replying. I stayed up half the night reading this forum.
    Huntyr is in for a blast of a day. LOL
  6. huntyr Well-Known Member

    OHHHHH pawtential Unleashed thanks so much for the link!!
    It has just what I wanted....
    hugs hugs hugs....
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  7. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    I am still trying to get the link to the trickster area if it is still around - you will be in heaven...
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  8. huntyr Well-Known Member

    omg I been watching lots of your videos, I am already in heaven.
    Of course, you have border, I have JRT... a huge difference but
    he does learn fast. Its just figuring out WHEN he wants to play is the problem.
    He is so independent and stubborn. Even starving with good treats doesnt guarantee,
    he will do things that I am positive he knows.
    He says, "hey we done that already, lets do something else" sits down, and just looks at ya.
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  9. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"I haven't been here long, but I haven't seen an official list of tricks with supporting documentation."//

    we USED TO have an area here on DogTrickAcademy, called "The Classroom" with dozens of tricks, and the BEST "how to" videos by each trick description.
    These marvelous videos were all done the by site admin, Jean Cote,
    and i can not tell you how wonderful those videos were, and each one also had the step-by-step instructions and tips, all written down, under the videos, as well.
    but, that "Classroom" area is gone now, because Jean Cote is working very hard on a project now, which i believe he has almost completed.

    and yeah, the very popular formal "Trickster" area is also gone, (for now anyway.)
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //"Even starving with good treats doesnt guarantee,
    he will do things that I am positive he knows."//

    This could be several things.

    could be you having too long of a lesson. dogs new to tricks sometimes zone out after about 10 minutes of a lesson,:ROFLMAO: but, we can build up the length of the lesson, week by week. I have a relative who does this, she always tries to get her dog to pay attention for half an hour, but has NEVER ever worked her dog's attention span up to that,

    and after about 10 minutes or so, her dog now is zoning out, :rolleyes: staring around, ignoring her....and she says, "See? my dog can't learn." but he CAN, but he needs to start with SHORTER lessons and sloooowwwwly build up to half an hour or an hour. All dogs are unique, but not all dogs have long att'n spans.

    could be your dog needs a break, just play with him for five minutes, and start again. Try hard to not reward his zoning out, but instead, provide play session after he does something, ANYTHING, right, then play with him for a break. Get a clock, and time how long your dog does lessons well,:D
    before he zones out. :rolleyes: Might be a pattern there. If it's every ten minutes, your dog zones out? then have play time every 9 minutes, and slowly extend that nine minutes,
    week by week,
    to 10 minutes playtime!, 12 minutes--playtime!, slowly building up his att'n span.

    could be you have asked for same trick too many times in a row.
    Some dogs zone out for nonstop repetition of exact same trick, over
    over. (mine does)

    could be your dog is growing bored of the lesson, but if you moved lesson to new area,
    new room,
    outdoors in your yard,
    outdoors somewhere else,
    might perk up your dog's interest.:D

    could be your dog needs praise. MY dog quits working, no matter how great the treat is, if i shut up. My dog is conceited, though, and lives for praise.:rolleyes:

    could be your treats are not good enough. For some dogs, the type of treats you use matters a lot. There are tons of great treat recipes in the "Treats" area of forums.

    could be your dog might find tuggie toy play a higher reward. some dogs do.

    could be your dog might enjoy a variety in his rewards. My dog much enjoys a change up in what i use to reward him, so he is never quite sure what prize is coming? A bit of chicken meat? a bit of cheese? a tuggie toy moment? a squeak toy? a homemade treat? My dog can't be sure, which makes his interest higher.

    could be this is a NEW trick to the dog, and he doesn't quite have it nailed the way you *think* he does. There is a difference between when a dog "gets it"
    and when a dog solidly knows it like a rock.<---THAT takes TIME, and lots of practice.

    could be you are inadvertantly giving a body signal you are unaware of.
    I almost always use hand cues AND verbal cues. I can use either one for most tricks.
    BUT, *my* quirky dog, is highly sensitive to *my* body cues,
    and if i ask for a known trick,
    when i am in a chair, that could throw off my dog if i have not worked on that trick, from me being in a chair, if my dog is accustomed to that trick from me standing up.
    or, If i have always used my left hand for the cue, but accidentally use my right hand, to *my* dog, THAT is a whole other cue....for *my* dog, my body position matters, especially for tricks NEW to him.

    could be your dog is currently distracted by something, and you have not yet advanced that trick to be so so solid that dog CAN do the trick around distractions.

    could be you faded rewards too abruptly, too soon.
    could be your dog has learned, "i don't get treats for doing rollover anymore.."
    could be your dog needs occasional rewards, to do his known tricks, now and then.

    You could be right, but I just kinda wonder if your dog is really being "stubborn", i imagine it could be something else????????
    Most dogs are very eager to please us humans, IF they know what we are asking for, and IF they haven't zoned out from boredom, and lots of other IFs to factor in..
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  11. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Maybe you watched my video with the hug the leg trick. I started teaching this using a stick first. Then to make sure she got it did the arm then the leg. Knowing beg help.
  12. huntyr Well-Known Member

    hi TigerLily,
    yup could be anyone of those things, but for the last 6 years I been trying to figure out which one it is.
    At agility we have tried every last thing.. even fresh raw chicken, steak and liver.
    If he doesn't want to play there is NOTHING (except a rat) that will motivate him.
    Actually I did carry a rat in his (jrt rat tube we use for competition) sometimes at agility and he performed expert courses perfectly. LOL #winning
    But even that didn't always work.
    He is a great dog. Very mellow for a JRT and quiet. But he definetely knows what he likes and doesnt like and what he wants to do.
  13. huntyr Well-Known Member

    hi tiflovesbcs
    I am not sure which video I watched. But its fantastic trick.
    With Huntyr known for his independence, this would be such a riot
    if he grabbed like leg like he wouldnt let me go LOLOL
    I got a stick and will start. He is cautious of new things so it is laying where he
    can see it while we practice his other tricks.
    I will start soon.
  14. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Huntyr, if you dog prefers a rat toy for his rewards, like i said---you can sure use THAT instead!:D

    yeah, my dog also has tricks he much prefers,
    and tricks he is not as fond of!!
    My dog is not as fond of tricks which involve head movements, he thinks those are dumb, but, he will do them, he just doesn't like those the best. He also has a lot of trouble learning "head" tricks.:rolleyes:
    Or really, any trick which involves moving one body part,
    are not his favorite kind.
    My dog much much prefers tricks where he can run around or move a lot.

    dogs do indeed have favorite tricks, and tricks they are not as fond of, don't they!!:ROFLMAO:
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  15. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    OHhh, wait, the rat toy is a TUBE to run through, that your dog prefers, is that right?

    One other thought,
    when we train our dogs with our agility equipment at our home,
    and then,
    ask dog to do exact same trick with different equipment, sometimes,
    for some dogs, we almost have to REteach the trick all over again,
    if we are now using different tubes, hoops, etc. (but, luckily, the retraining does not take as long)

    some dogs are VERY specific:rolleyes: about things!:ROFLMAO:
    Is your dog comfy with all the humans and all the dogs there at that class?
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  16. huntyr Well-Known Member

    ummm not quite what I meant. By rat tube I meant a tube (see pic) that holds a LIVE rat.... There is 3 competitions for Jack Russells that involve finding a live rat... it is what he lives for. Everything else is just to appease me.....

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  17. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    OHhhh, see, i couldn't do that for *my* dog,
    as i am working so so hard, to teach my dog to be calm around prey, in hopes,
    that someday,
    i can regain my ability to call Buddy off of chasing after prey....:oops: so that he is safer off leash in more places, where there are squirrels, bunnies, etc.
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  18. huntyr Well-Known Member

    and I am opposite...
    competition means finding the rat and finding it the fastest :) which he is good at...
    See one of problems.... in competition you release and send him away, to play independently.
    Now I turn around and start trick training which means, sit near me, or bring things to me...
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  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    lol, well, whatever it is, i hope you can discover it,
    cuz i really believe all dogs can be trained to do tricks! Maybe not every trick, but most tricks.
    All breeds, all ages, whatever. My dog won't do same trick 10 times in a row, and quits working if i don't praise him,:rolleyes:
    and some dogs can easily have a problem doing a well known trick amidst distractions, but, the more practice the dog can get on working amidst distractions,
    the better the dog gets, etc etc etc,
    and all dogs are unique,
    and each of us does have to learn how to motivate our own particular, unique dog.

    Hope you do solve it! I bet you can!
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  20. huntyr Well-Known Member

    hi, I was showing someone this video of our barnyard hunt competition and thought you might be interested in it too, as I was telling you about the rat tubes.
    This is a timed event. There are three tubes indentical hidden in the brush/field and the dog has to find the one that has the live rat in it..
    The trick is, the handler has to call out to stop the time clock. So not only does the dog have to find the correct tube, the handler has to recognize the fact that the dog found it.
    In my case, there is never any doubt he found it LOLOL

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