New Forum Mod: My mood

Jean Cote

Staff member
This isn't really news worthy so I figured I would post it here... I've just added a cute modification which allows you to select your mood. Other members can see it in your posts and profile.

To select your mood, there is a "My Mood" link on top right where it says Private Messages. Select the one you like.

Have fun! :D

luna may

New Member
(In a fluttery, high-pitched voice) Oh, thank you, guys, fot helping me on my quest! The icon I seek shall soon be mine!*flutters eyelashes*

*Kick's the wierdo out of my text* Yeah, thanks :D



Well-Known Member
Ahhh.... there it is! I went through probably every link in the control panel trying to find the mood button. Turns out I've been looking at that 'My Mood' link all day wondering what it did! :msnquestion: