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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by tx_cowgirl, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Okay, so I hadn't really planned on getting another dog anytime soon, really. As the poster child of the Petfinder Addicts Support Group(LOL, not everyone will know where this comes from...), you all know that when I break down and check Petfinder, I tend to find a dog that I want desperately, and one way or another it never works out. The dog is already adopted, can't get phone or email responses from the shelter, something comes up in my life; something always happens so that the dog I'm just in love with doesn't work out. It's just not meant to be. :)

    A good friend of mine adopted a dog from a New Mexico shelter several months ago. I posted about him a while back, as I was helping him with training. The dog is a little genius, very enthusiastic, and slightly on the crazy side. Smart + eager + crazy=Tx is in love. I was crazy about the dog since the first day I worked with him, and jokingly told my friend that one of these days I would pupnap Cowboy. Welll.....

    My friend has had some life issues come up that I won't go into, and may be rehoming Cowboy. Of course I'm the first one he told. The shelter does not ask that dogs are returned to them, but if my friend can't find a good home he will take him back there. He is trying to figure out a way to keep him, but if it doesn't work out, I will probably take him so long as he gets along with Mud and Z. He seems like the right fit for them, because he has a middle-of-the-road personality--he isn't really dominant or really submissive. In my post about him, I think I explained him as being a perfect mix between Mud and Z--he is like Zeke in that everything he does is in high-speed, but he has more self-control and is medium/high drive, like Mud. He learns VERY quickly. He's confident like Mud, but bouncy and exuberant like Zeke. I am completely smitten with him and have been since the first day I worked with him. ^^

    Sooo......there is a good possibility that I will be getting Cowboy. The shelter had listed him as a Catahoula mix, but I'm not so sure. He's about 50-60 pounds, Zeke's size, he's tricolor, smooth coated, and 2 years old. I'll have to get a picture of him. He's really cute. we'll see what happens! :)

  2. Hayley Thompson Well-Known Member

    Sounds like cowboy is quite the charmer!! I hope everything works out for the best with you and your potential new addition!

    I saw a stray about 2 weeks ago on the road, an old beagle, so I whipped my car around, and foolishly talking to the little guy while I was crouched down on the side of the road as cars zoomed by, but sadly he had no interest in coming to me so I could check his collar and get him back home again :( All day at work I thought about that little guy and posted where I had saw him on facebook and with radio stations...hopefully the right person heard and got him! But I was soo ready that if he came to me, he was going to be in my car and at my house until a: I found his home, or b: if he got along with Riley and had no home, he would have a great life with new parents!!

    I'm affraid though, as I have some puppy training pads for Riley that I am taking to our humane society to donate to them, and I dont know if I have the restraint not to look at the pups, and have the restraint not to fall in love...

    Dogs suck! Why do they have to look so cute and make us fall inlove...
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  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Ok, Tx, as one of your sponsers and of course a regular member of said Support Group :p (calling all members, plz check in immed!!!!) I do remember "little" Cowboy. Ya know, sometimes things happen when the time is right. And maybe, just maybe, the time wasn't right *for you* to have Cowboy then but it is now. I'm a firm believer in things like that. I'm sorry about your friend - but maybe Cowboy was supposed to be with your friend for a while, and now it's time for him to pack up his things, move on, and be your "Tx_Cowboy"!! :p

    He sounds like a good blend for your family, I know your heart is already there, so I say, get along little doggie, and get to stealin' Mud and Zeke's hearts too!!! And make it snappy!!! :LOL:

    Let us know when he moves in -- and he's officially YOUR .. Tx_Cowboy!!!!
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  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Awwwwww, dangit Jackie. It is a perfect fit; I hadn't even thought about "Tx_COWBOY." Lol. I too am a firm believer that things happen for a reason, so if something doesn't work out at one time, it probably wasn't supposed to, but something better will come along later or it will happen at a better time.

    We'll see if it works out. My friend is trying to work out a way to keep him, so if he can, that's great for them. :) But if it doesn't....well he can still see him at my house. :D
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  5. sara Moderator

    Well, all I can say is... YAYYY FOR YOU!!! hey, At least he's not on Petfinder! LOL You have not fallen off the wagon, per se ;)

    I've managed to stay away for the last few weeks... But my Sister and her OH are becoming rapidly in need of sponsors... They're looking at possibly adopting a 3rd dog from the Ottowa Humane Society... an 18 month old terrier mix, to go with their 2.5 year old Westie and 4 year old terrier mix... But being the good sponsor that you all know I am:whistle:... I told her that she has a long way to go to catch up with me! :p
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  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member


    So my friend has decided to keep Cowboy, worked some things out. Yay for them! :)
    I guess Cowboy is not meant to be mine. At least I still get to work with him....:love:
  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Well, hmmm.... awwww, too bad for you:( but .... oh hey, great news for Cowboy! (y)
    Kind of a bittersweet situation, I know how much you were really hoping to add him to your family, and hey, I thought having a little Tx_Cowboy would have been fun!! :p But you do still get to see and work with him, and he gets to keep his home - and that is what it's all about, so I guess things are as they're supposed to be. Which means ... your dog is still out there someplace. You know, that dog that you're going to add to your family one day. And so ... the search goes on.......:rolleyes::p

    Members, we must keep our eyes open... there's a dog out there for Tx, we must help find it!! :LOL:
  8. Heidi Olszewski New Member

    I can relate tx...petfinder is a dangerous place for us softhearted, dog loving people. I still am chanting I already have a dog, I already have adog...since I mistakenly went on the site the other day.
  9. sara Moderator

    hmm sounds like you need the Petfinder Addicts support group... But then, you may not qualify with only one dog... oh hey, We could all work finding you the perfect SECOND dog! then maybe the addicts of the group can get a "hit" without ending up with another dog ourselves!!! I think it's a perfect project (if rather insidious! LOL)

    Tx, I can forward all the "URGENT!!! Dies tomorrow in ______ shelter in _____ Texas!" If you like... though I tend to only get deaf dogs in my inbox. There are ALOT of deaf dogs murdered in Texas shelters these days. (n) Dunno why Deafness is so prevalent in Texas right now :cry:
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    What a poor support group we are. It'd be like welcoming a new member to Alcohol Awarness with a keg party! xD You two are trying to find more dogs for other members of the support group. LOL.

    I haven't really been looking, the opportunity with Cowboy just kind of came unexpectedly(but welcome!). But, I suppose it doesn't hurt to look. :)
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  11. sara Moderator

    OH CRAP!!! after typing my response, I spent an hour on Petfinder... ummm, I found a listing for an Irish Terrier mix... IN SASKATCHEWAN!!! Swift Current, to be precise... only about a 6 hour drive from here! which is approximately 2 days less driving than all the other IT's on petfinder! All 46 if them! LOL

    and I found 14 more deaf or blind or both Double Dapple Dachshunds too!
  12. charmedwolf Moderator

    Sara- If you happen upon any deaf mastiffs or other big working breed just drop me a line.

    Sorry that Cowboy didn't work out for you. Things always change though, maybe your pup is just waiting for you to find him.
  13. Heidi Olszewski New Member

    it won't be long I'm sure until I post I'm welcoming my second one into the house.
    I keep repeating ...I must resist petfinder....I must resist petfinder...I must resist petfinder.

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