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Hi everyone,

Luke my mini 3.5 month old doxie got neutered on DEC 16th.. is it normal for him to want to sleep all day?

He will get up to have a small play session.. but then once hes on a lap.. he passes out...or comes back in from a pee and hes back under the covers...

I am not used to having him soo sadated.. :dogsad:




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He may be sleepy a few days and tired. Remember not only the anesthesia is affecting him but all of his body hormones are changing. If you're concerned call the vet b/c infection can also make him lethargic. The vet probably gave you a list of signs of infection and how to check his wound. Lethargy was probably something on the list of things to watch. If it goes on more than a couple of days call back unless their directions say call sooner.


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Thanks Snooks that makes a lot of scene..

Luke started to perk up yesterday and today he was wide away to continue his training.. LOL I pooped him out again.. :p He is doing much better.