Need mooooore help with lay down


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Sadly Shamey is not doing lay down anymore. Even for a treat she wont do it. She just looks at the treat then stops looking at it and ignores it. She has arthritis so that may be a problem but it only acts up if she stays in the cold for too long. She does every other trick just fine. I have been trying to teach for 5 days. Help me please.

Jean Cote

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How old is your dog? Could it be that it's painful for her to lay down? Is the lay down necessary? You could always train other behaviors/tricks. :)


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I have the same question Jean does. How old is your dog? You mentioned that she has arthritis - it just may be too painful for her to do it. I'm assuming that she did do this before (lay down when asked), and now just won't anymore? If so, then I'd say go easy on her, her arthritis may be hurting her way more than you think.


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Make sure to have thick beds and soft bankets at easy access locations throughout your house for when she choses to lay down. This will be more comfortable for your dog if she is in pain and doesn't want to lie down on a hard surface.