Need Ideas For This Trick!! (fall Back On Your Back)


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I'm teaching my dog to play dead, fall on your back style. The way I'm teaching him is telling him to go into a sit up position then grabbing his paws and leading him down. He's understanding it the only problem is he will only do it when I grab his paws. Does anyone have any other ideas to teach this trick?


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Have you just reposted this thread?
I saw this same thread earlier,
and Lisa "Pawtential" had posted a "how to" video,
and i had replied too,
but now, it's a whole new thread again!??

at any rate, this IS a great trick,
which i use every day it rains,
i point at my dog, and say "bang!" and dog falls down, rolls onto his back and puts all 4 paws up in the air.........
SO HANDY for cleaning off his paws when he comes indoors!! I use this trick more than any other trick, so so useful!

probably Lisa will see this again, and post that "HOW TO" video


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Yea sorry about that! I was writing the question and was about to submit it when my computer started to spaz out on me! Lol. I didn't think the question went through so I wrote it again. :D