Need help with lay down


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I am new to this site and pretty new to dog training. I do not have a clicker but I will get one soon. Probably after the snow clears up in chicago. The tricks she (Shamey) knows are:
Down (from furniture and people)
Inside (Shamey will go inside the house by herself or go next to the door if its closed)
Walk (prepares for a walk and let's me put the leash on her)
Drop (puts down anything in her mouth)
Play (Shamey prepares to play and finds a ball or toy)

I really want to teach Shamey Bang Bang. But she needs to learn lay down first. Its not registering for her. Every time I do I try it she needs me to put a treat down for her to get it. Other times I have to physically pull Shamey into the position. Can you please help me.

Sincerely Jasiu


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Here is advice that I posted on the thread, "Need help with Basic Obedience": (you can also go back to this thread and others to see what other people have suggested.

After luring her down a couple times in a row you can then act like you are luring her again, but not have a treat in your hand (you may need to have the scent of the treat on your hand at first). Show her there is not a treat in that hand and then give her a treat from your other hand. Once she gets the idea that she will get a treat but not necessarily from the luring hand you can start giving her a treat from your pocket, from her dish on the counter etc. Then start phasing out how much of a hand signal you need to use. Give the hand signal but stop with your hand 3 inches from the ground...then 5 inches from the ground then 7 inches from the ground etc. Until you can be standing straight up and give just a little hand signal. (By the way this is over a course of training sessions.)
At a next session give the signal a couple times then try a verbal only. If she doesn't respond go back and say the command while using a signal. Eventually she will learn what down means.

Also keep in mind that forcing dog into position will create resistance. This is true for people, as well as animals. If some one pushes or pulls on you your natural reaction would be to push back or pull away because you may feel like you are going to fall over. Using force in training can create a dog that just doesn't feel like working. Using positive reinforcement will help bring out a dogs willingness.

It is great that you are trying to teach your dog new tricks! The more behaviors your dog learns the easier it will be for you to teach your dog even more tricks.

I hope this information is helpful to you!


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One more thing:
(You may already know this, but I will add it incase you find it helpful)

It will be helpful to your dog to use the command: lay and avoid saying lay down.
All though a dog can learn the difference between down and lay down, it will be a lot easier to keep these commands separate.


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The hand signal for lay is patting the floor. She hasn't lay down by my voice command. She's to stubborn.


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jasiumx;23131 said:
The hand signal for lay is patting the floor. She hasn't lay down by my voice command. She's to stubborn.
She's probly confused, sounds like she never understood the verbal cue. She can't respond to something she doesn't know.
I would start over with her it sounds like the approach you're taking isn't one she likes or understands.
There are many different ways to get a dog into a down position, shaping, capturing, luring and modeling. As you've found modeling makes her resist the lesson. With luring you have to fade the lure fairly quickly, as soon as the dog is following your hand.
YouTube - Dog Training - Train Your Dog to Lie Down on Command
YouTube - Dog training tip of the day- Fading a Lure (while teaching SPIN)


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Sweet thanks every one. She is getting and can even do it on command. She has a little problem with distractions but she's getting over it. Again thanks every one.