Need help training fetch


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I know this sounds ridiculous ,I've taught my 2 1//2 yr old cairn "Ralph " to roll over , stay ,lay down ,play dead when I "shoot" him (& he won't get better until I tell him okay ) ,high 5 , shake hands ,beg ,jump over small high jumps ,dance , hug ( both of these recently - which only took 2 sessions ) but in 2 years I have not been able too teach him to fetch a ball , half the time he won't even chase it to start with & if he does he doesn't bring it back to me despite me calling him to me ,HELP I don't know what to do next :dogblink::dogblink::dogblink::dogohmy:


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Try one of the toys that you fill with treats and the dog must bring it back to you to open it and get the treats out. They have zippers, velcro, plastic ends that come off etc. The dog smells the food and finally figures out if you feed him from the pocket each time (not your hands) that he has to fetch to treat.

I ordered the one above and it's a neat site. I also have a clear tube like one with a squeeze plastic end that opens and dispenses a treat. Make it good and stinky meaty stuff and ur dog WIL be interested. He'll also figure out if you start close or just feed from the pocket and give it to him that you are the key.

I used it to train for agility, you throw it out in a direction, dog goes and get it and learns the directional command and to come back to you to open the toy.

You could also free shape it with a clicker and treats but it took me longer to shape than to use a food pocket.