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I'm looking for really cute unique names for a puppy, I'm looking for names that arent really people names. I like the names levi,kiba, and ambush. Any other names? thanks


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I have V(e)eda and Prana who have rather uniqe names. Joga, Kira, Maze, Zeus, Porche and Tango pop into mind and are rare around here.

I am a firm believer that a dogs calling name that is over two syllables (I don´t know if I spelled that right, I hope you get the idea) long will get abbreviated so there is no point in giving a dog a calling name that you won´t call her anyway. But that is me :)


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I have Mud, Zeke, Dakota, and Nick.
I've had Sasha, Rosco, Daisy, Belle, Rusty, Snickers, and many others.
Zoe, Tuff, Blue, Bohdi(boh-dee), Jin, Skye, Ginger, Jazz, Rajha or Raja(RAH-jah/ra-sha), Kia, and Meli(meh-lee) are some other dogs I've known.


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MY poor ol dog is named Buddy, is modern day version of Fido. (not MY pick!) Even the vet looked at us, like, "no, you didn't.....for real, what is this marvelous dog's name?" He didn't SAY that, but, we could see it in his face.
However, on bright side, entire neighborhood finds Buddy's name easy to remember. /really, everyone knows and remembers his name. One of my children was given fairly fancy name, no one could ever remember it. Plain names ARE easier to remember.

Even ppl who dont' know my dog, pet him and say,
"Hiya Buddy! Nice dog, What's his name?":msngiggle:

I found Buddy on Nov 4th, the same day Barack Obama was elected, and i wanted to name the dog some version of our new president's name, Barack, Rocky, Barry, Bama, something...cuz my dog was black + white, and very smart. But, we decided against it as it might seem disrespectful.

Then i played with idea of naming Buddy "Almost" after a character in movie, "Apocolypto" who was nicknamed "Almost" cuz he was almost killed. Buddy is from death row. But, my daughter said, "Mom, picture standing in yard, calling "Almost Come!".....well, i didn't name my dog Almost.:dognowink:

I think that is about when i lost my right to vote on dog names...:msngiggle:

If you type in 'DOG NAMES' into your browser, you will find 100s of sites to help you name your dog. Some have ways to sort out what TYPE of dog name you want, as well as dog names by character, color, size, country of origin, after greek gods, macho names, silly names, music names, sports names, etc etc, i can't even list all the ways they have to divide up dog names into catagories to sort through........