My Puppy Pee's When Excited....


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Well..... Evie has taken to peeing when she becomes over excited. She doesn't squat and pee, simply continues being excited and peeing at the same time.

This only happens when she's excited about seeing people (obviously only people she knows as she's shy and hates new people..)

When I take her to my parents house she isn't allowed inside as every time she notices another person, she goes running up to them and inevitably pees out of excitement. It's becoming rather annoying and if i'm not careful my Dad will have nick named her Evie Pee (at the moment she gets called Evie B) and his nicknames stick for life. :(

But most importantly, this behaviour is getting worse not better. Initially I had thought it was just that after she had been sleeping, and new people suddenly appear, she forgets herself in the excitement, but now she can have just come inside from going to the toilet and still have her excited pees.

Is this just a puppy thing? Is there anything I can do to stop it? Oh and being calm isn't really an option because usually my family are just as excited to see her as she is to see them and none of them will listen to me if i tell them to ignore her until she calms down. They all love her :)


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I had the same problem with my dog Missy when she was a pup not only would she pee when she got excited but she is also very submissive and would roll over and pee she eventually grew out of it. And I know how you feel about the nickname thing my family now calls my dog Missy Pssy(add an i and u got her nickname:() Srry I'm not any help I'm sure some DTA people will be able to help u, Good Luck(y)


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I have heard of puppies peeing when they're excited, I'm pretty sure it's just one of those annoying puppy phases.:p Puppies have a smaller bladder, they can't usually control it that well (Shivon peed like CRAZY:rolleyes:). I don't have any advice as to how to make it go away, but I think it will go away with time.:)


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I hope it does because it's become worse not better. Even if I've just taken her outside to pee, and then 2 minutes later she see's a person she likes.....


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It is called a submissive pee. Most dogs will grow out off it, over time.
But you can work on it, IF the other persons are willing to help.
As you say, your family is excited to see her, making her even more excited.
And that excitement is NOT what you want.
If you can, get your family to ignore her, when you come in. No looking at her, no touching her. Only when she calms down, they can give her a little attention.
VERY HARD, i know:D
But you can at least ask your family not to bend over her, to pet her. Make them crouch down. That way they are less "dominant" so to say, as bending over a dog is a dominating position.
You see dogs do this to eachother, one dog will stand over another dog, or put his head on top of another dogs back. What he is saying with that, is I am higher in rank than you(dominating you).
Look at it from your little puppy's point of view... Looking all the way up to this tall person is pretty impressive!!
Puppys go through fases. So there will be a time that they scared of a lot of things, they did not used to be scared of.
The more you fuss over it, the longer they will show this behaviour.
But do not tell her off, for peeing, as she is only saying, HI, I really like you, I am really happy to see you and I am submissive to you.
You could say she is being over-polite.;)
I have known a couple of dogs, that did this and now they are grown up, they don't do it anymore.
And it might also help, to make sure she went potty, before you take her in. Less pee in the blatter, so less can come out:p

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When my friend adopted a three year-old Dachshund, she had clearly been roughly handled and it became clear quite quickly that submissive wetting was the real reason they wanted to be rid of her. She is living happily now in a very low-key, gentle home and the submissive wetting has reduced by about 75%. The other 25% can be very challenging, but our vet prescribed medication that has reduced the problem down to about 15%. We are very optimistic that this little girl will continue to improve with the kind, gentle handling she is receiving but, in the meantime, the medication helps. I know that meds are not the preferable way to go, but since this baby was already three years-old and had whelped more than one litter, her issues were a good part of the way "locked in." The meds are part of the solution for her... but I think, had she been given a calm, quiet living environment a lot sooner, who knows, she may not have needed them. Anneke gave some good advice I think. :DIMG_0757.jpg
Rescue day... she looks SO MUCH better now!


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Good advice already, Anneke is right, you will probably make more headway on this if you can rustle up some volunteers who WILL do as you ask. (that is surprisingly hard to get some humans to honor our requests!:rolleyes:) Make sure your humans volunteers do agree to do as you say.

Anneke is right, have visitors ignore your Evie. You *may* want to consider, having Evie be in another room, seat your visitors, and THEN bring in Evie, after all visitors have agreed, they WILL ignore Evie, not even looking at Evie, and definitly no staring at Evie.

If Evie is calm, or after Evie calms down, visitor can glance at Evie, slow blink, glance away, and calmly slowly toss a treat to Evie for being calm. Visitors can also tell Evie they are not threatening by offering Evie a yawn, or one deep slooooow sigh, or 1 deep slow exhalation through their nose. Evie WILL know what they "said", that's HER language, and she will appreciate the message.

Once Evie gets hang of this, you can maybe advance along, to having Evie be beside you at the door for arriving visitors.

One other thing, you might consider, (might help, might not,O_o not sure really)
is teaching Evie to sit calmly while you open the door, make it Evie's default behavior for the door being opened. It's not as hard to teach, as you might think,
and lolz, you will need several very very patient volunteers for this, too!:ROFLMAO: Bake them all a pie or have them all over for a celebration dinner when the lessons are complete!

Possibly, possibly, focusing on having something to do,( holding her "sit"), *might* possibly be helpful for Evie, for after Evie has gotten the hang of greeting seated visitors.


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I never knew it was called "submissive peeing". You learn something new every day!!!!!(y) Keep us posted on how Evie is doing!!!!:D