My New puppy my older puppy and Me HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


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:msniwonder:HI All my Name is Porche'a and I just got me a new puppy He is now 14 weeks old and i have had him for 3 weeks now! He is a really good puppy! he is an Australian sheperd brittany Mix he is almost all white except his ears and eyes they have Brown and Blue on them... I also have a St. Bernard that i saved from being put to sleep, when i got her she was very malnurished and was very afraid of people. I have had princess for a little over a year now and she is still a little timid around people but she is getting WAY better! I got bruce so that she would have company inside. We moved out of my mothers almost 6 months ago and i could tell she missed my mothers bullmastiff. So there came bruce to the rescue!!
I have a few questions about the hole potty training and teaching tricks so if anyone has any information PLEASE TELL ME !! i have looked everywhere and the potty training tips i got from my vet and my mother ( who was a boxer breeder when i was young and potty trained pups before they went to their forever homes) i just cant get him to understand that we go potty outside not in random places . When i take him out side he plays for a while then wants to go inside, almost EVERYtime he goes out and he will go potty once he will come right back inside and Go poop ... How do i fix this!!?!

thanks Porche'a

ps i will have photos of the two soon!!:doglaugh:


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You should definitely subscribe to the classroom. This will help you with all of his basic training. I highly recommend crate-training to housetrain your puppy. It is a very good and useful method. Search the forums and library articles here on the site to help you with this.

If he doesn't completely relieve himself when you take him outside(wait for a little while, but don't stay for 15 minutes--he'll learn that if he stalls, he gets to play outside), then go in and play for 1 minute or so, and go right back outside. If he potties in the house, clean it up and take it outside. Take him to it outside and see if he goes again. If he doesn't, that's okay. Try again shortly after.

Take him out after he eats, after he plays, etc. Look for signs. If he starts sniffing or circling, GO OUTSIDE. If you catch him relieving himself or just about to go, give a sharp "Ah-ah!" This should stop the behavior and can go right outside. Praise him each time he relieves himself outside rather than inside.

Welcome to the Academy and good luck to you!