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Sparky is the most excitable dog ever I'm not expecting him to calm down i walk him a mile a day but if i can at least get him to stand still for a minute and stop jumping on me that would be great


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Hi and welcome to DTA. Is Sparky a young Lab? If so, a mile a day may seem like a lot to you, but for Sparky, it's nothing. :p

What kind of training do you do with Sparky? And how often? What do you do when he jumps on you? Have you tried turning your back on him and/or looking away, folding your arms, maybe looking up at the sky, and holding firm - until he (finally) stops jumping - and then the second he does, praising and treating him? Labs are very energetic dogs, and stay young for a long time. Some of them can be very trying - but if you're consistent, he'll catch on. He wants your attention, and if he knows he'll get it - by keeping all four on the floor - he'll finally do just that.

Have fun on the forum, lots of great people and good advice here.


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Hi and welcome to DTA.
Sounds like you have a true lab:D
I would give the same advice as jackienmutts. If he jumps, you freeze. Give no attention at all. Only reward if all fours are on the floor. And if you praise, don't be too excited or high pitched in your praise, that can get them started again!
With these excitable dogs I also use the 5-minute rule. Meaning, I ignore the dog for at least 5 minutes when I come home. I go about doing my things and only when the dog is calm, I will give attention.
And unfortunately, a mile is too short for your dog... Longer walks and more than once would be better.
Maybe you can wear him down a little before you take him on a walk, by throwing a ball in the yard, first?