My Dog Burps

Sarah Wells

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My dog makes what sounds like a burp in the throat noise (kinda hard to explain lol) I was wondering if anyone elses dog does this? He does it when im eating and he wants some, When im talking to him he will randomly do it, Or when he brings me a toy and i havent noticed it next to me he will burp to get my attention, I was wondering if i could turn it into a trick and how to go about doing so, any suggestions? :giggle:


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Well anything a dog does can be captured and put on cue! I don't think there's anyway you can lure or shape your dog to make that noise so all you have left is to reward it when it happens. I don't use a lot of capturing as I am too impatient and never think of it in the moment. But it really is very simple! Whenever your dog makes the sound you like, reward! That's really all there is to it.

Capturing some tricks are easier than others as you can predict when your dog is going to offer certain behaviors. Most dogs stretch after waking up from a nap so you could prepare yourself if you wanted to capture a bow. With your dog you might be ready to have treats on you whenever you're eating. Don't try and put a name to it until you think your dog is consciously offering the behavior. For a long time he will have zero clue about why he is getting the treat and/or toy but eventually it'll click. And there may even be a point where his body starts to get it but his brain still has no idea!


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Fickla said it exactly right - just try to capture it. If you really want to, I'd keep a clicker handy (like, in your pocket, or on a little stretchy band around your wrist) and when you are pretty sure he stands a good chance of doing it, have that clicker ready,and 'click'/treat him every single time he does it. He'll make the connection sooner or later, cuz especially if you 'click' - he'll finally realize he hears that click when he burps (or whatever he's doing - that's funny:)), and he'll start offering it to get more treats (and your attention). Good luck!

Sarah Wells

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Ok thanks im going to make sure i have plenty of treats handy XD would b funny if i can get him to do it on command :D


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Mine does too! Cute dog by the way. ^^
Fickla explained it just right. I'm planning on teaching Mud this too, just haven't started it. I'm thinking my cue will be, "Have you been drinking??" to add with her beer fetching trick.