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  1. reef Member

    hi me and reef are new to this, so ill let u no a little about who reef is :love: reef is the beautiful 5 month border collie :love: we got her when she was 7 weeks from a farm in Australia her mum is a gold n white collie and her dad a tri. i fell in love with her as soon as i saw her ::love:shes very intelligent she nos all the basics sit, lay,paw,roll over, to move to either side of me when i point and say "side" ( great for walks if a bike comes towards us she knows when i say to move to my side) wait, and we are currently mastering the stay command, which she learning very quickly, just gotta keep doing for a few more days till i can leave a room and she stays put till i come back. shes never has to be on a lead ( since 4 months ) as shes very obedient and loyal to me. reef loves to play with all other dogs shes a very playful n happy puppy :p, but shes is very warry of strangers :cautious: (people that wanna pet her on the street) some she will sus out for a few secs and then let them pet her and others she will just stay by my side and move if they go to stoke her, i actually like this quality in reef as she never just goes up to people unless encouraged by me, n just like a human she doesn't allow just anyone to get close n touch her if she doesn't feel comfortable. she loves to play fetch and hide n seek which is her favorite game, she has a squeaky teddy she loves to play with all day along with lots of chewys, she LOVES to bury and then dig them up later its so cute. she gets 2 high level walks a day for an hour or more (bike rides are her favorite with a game of hide n seek when we get to the bushy field ) she has lots of energy to burn so a walk down the shops just wont do a dog like reef she needs much more, she also loves to come with us where ever we go hanging out the car window catching the breeze :cool: im a very proud owner of my lil reef shes brightened mine n my partners life in every way we love her :love: oh she also has two pet bunny friends who she loves to play with n chase in the house n garden ( they was almost the same size when we first got reef :D the bunnys love her n she loves them )
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  2. fly30 Experienced Member

    Welcome to you and reef ! Yes border collies are very clever and we have to keep them very busy. Enjoy yourself here.
  3. reef Member

    :) thanks this site is great. yeah totally, we going to start taking her to agility classes next week :) shes gonna love it i cant wait (y) your collie is just beautiful :love:
  4. paradismutts Well-Known Member

    Welcome! Reef sounds like a blast, my boy Cody does the same about people. Some can pet him, most he avoids or looks to me. She sounds like a blast and also a handful, I love Border Collies such intelligent dogs and so high energy! Can't wait to see more of you two, welcome.
  5. reef Member

    thanks :) yeah shes full of life n energy n very smart i wanna start teaching her lots more so thought this is a great place to see what other are doing with their doggys :) Cody is just adorable :love: its great for them to have their own boundaries on who they want petting them, i love that about reef :cool: thanks we look forward to seeing lots more about u and the other doggys n their owners (y)
  6. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Welcome! I love her name.
  7. reef Member

    Hi. thanks :) she lives by the ocean so wanted a unique name that kinda says that lol :)
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  8. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the forums
    Wow - sounds like a busy busy collie - so cute
    I love the bit about burying her bones - Jukes my australian shepherd used to do that - but he couldn't find them again - lol:ROFLMAO:
    I really hope you enjoy training agility and of course training even more cute tricks (have you tried bang,bang,bang yet - really cute tricks!)
    I hope you and Reef enjoy the site;)
  9. reef Member

    hi, thanks :) oh yes she a very busy girl ( she currently layed on her back stretched out having doggy dreams :ROFLMAO:) hehe yh its so cute when they do that, reef burys chewys where ever she goes and somtimes we leave before she gets to dig em back up so theirs another lucky dog who will find it no doubt :D arr yh i cant wait to see her in the classes then set up own lil course in the garden, shes a lucky doogy who has 10 acers to play in (y) im also looking forward to learning lots of new ckeecky tricks from this site to :p oohh that bang bang bang sounds fun iv not heard of before, what is it we'd love to know n learn (y)
  10. laramie Experienced Member

    Welcome! Reef is a gorgeous name (I'm obsessive about unique names) and she's a gorgeous girl to match. It sounds like you're doing well with her already and I hope that everyone here can help you when you need it. Good luck and I hope to see more from you. :D
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  11. Chloe and Buddy Experienced Member

    Welcome! I am new here too!
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  12. reef Member

    hi laramie :) thanks, yh same here ;) when i tell people what her name is they never get it i have to tell em twice or spell it out lol aww thanks shes a very pretty girl i just love her, your laramie is just adorable i have an obsesson with border collies iv had one when i was younger and my my has one now hes 7 years old :) their energy and intelligence is just incredible, reef is going great people are always amazed when we are out n how well trained she is expeacilay when i say she only 5 months n a half almost now :love:, we are still working on the stay command, as soon as i go out of site she wants too poke her head around to see where i am lol ill be posting that up to see what other do to help that. i cant wait to learn for all the others on here n all the cool tricks i dont no how to teach. hope to see more of u and laramie
  13. laramie Experienced Member

    Reef sounds like my BC Fairley (laramie was my name in French class cause I couldn't pick one of my dogs'). Her stay is pretty awesome, but she's a spaz. Sparrow doesn't really do the trick thing well unless you have food (it doesn't matter how many times you work on it, only if you have food for the advanced stuff) Fairley is currently working on whatever I feel like doing at the moment, but she's doing well. A border collie was my first dog, but he was so aggressive and attacked me and killed my other dog. Even though that happened, I still love border collies, but I was worried about getting another. Fairley had turned out well so far, but she's so afraid of people. I haven't been able to work on this, but she catches on really fast, so I'm hoping this will work like that as well. Good luck with your girl and I can't wait to see what you have to say about topics. :D Don't let Reef know how gorgeous everyone thinks she is, it might go to her head. ;)
  14. reef Member

    aww that cute very unique, shes beautiful to, she looks so happy in her piccy :love:, hehe yh their do anything for a tasty treat :) aww thats so sad that happend its very rare to here of a aggressive collie their got a very tame nature n can be very shy just like is reef is with people she wont go near kids at all they freak her out lol shes very picky on who can pet her when she meets people just got to do more socializing as we live out in the contry at the min so not alot of people for her to meet until we go to the city on the weekend but she doin great with all her training, will be doin agility classes next weeks :D. ur older collie u had may have came from parents with a sad upbringing as that can somthimes influence how the their puppys personality are, is a shame when that happens :cry: yeah cant wait either lots of things to ask n talk about (y) hehe i tell her all the time and she walks around like she owns the place hehe :cool:
  15. laramie Experienced Member

    I love photography and my dogs are pretty much all I have to photograph. She's always happy. Yeah, we used to live in the country too, but we moved in july. My first BC actually came from my cousin who was a breeder. I used to go to her house and play with the dogs and his mom was the sweetest. All of her dogs were used on the farm and they were all sweet. I don't know what was wrong with him but he was evil. :eek:
  16. reef Member

    yh shes defiantly a happy girl :) aww they sound like lovely doogys, theirs just no knowing why some dogs act the way they do (n), but u have laramie now and shes one beautiful girl :love:
  17. reef Member

    aww yh shes a right little poser soooo cute :love: arr ok ill check it, out would love to see them both. aww thanks shes my lil princess, yh shes a big girl for age alot of popele say that, she has very big paws always has so shes got lots more growing to go she be 6 months on the 18th october, all her baby teeth are starting to fall out she all gummy :D it adorable, iv got 4 of her teeth i was lucky to find two on the floor n two i just touched when checking them n they came out, didnt hurt her. i left a treat in her bed from the doggy tooth fairy haha (y)
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  18. laramie Experienced Member

    Fairley is still growing. She's getting longer and more broad, so she's getting there. While she was teething, nylabones were my best friend. (y) Aww, I'd never thought to be the doggie tooth fairy. How adorable. :love:
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  19. reef Member

    :):love:. aww shes gonna be a beautiful lady, i think they reach their full adult size around 2 years old so shes got plenty of growing time :cool: ok iv never heard of those nylabones before are they from pet shops or can you buy them from a butcher? id like to give em go, i give her pigs ears, maro bones ( i think thats how you spell it ) and thoese pedigree cheewys the ones that clean their teeth at the same time, she like to burry these ones the most and then lick the mud off before she chews them lol.

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