My Baby Dog and me


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Hello All
y name is Myra, I have a Yorkie. I have only had him for a few months now. But iwould like to teach him some tricks.He already knows the sit, stay,commands like that .thats why i would like to teach him some tricks. Ilove spending time with him. his name is Baby Dog.Has anyone have any sugestions on any tricks to start him on?


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I have a trick for u to try!

HI, i have an idea for a trick. I was sucsessful with my puppy and was one of the first tricks she learnt. I recommoend paw. What you have to do is lift one of its paws up and say"paw"and give it a treat. keep doing this and it should learn. so when you say "paw" it will lift its paw up for u. My puppy learnt this very quickly!:msnohyes:


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the first trick i taught my puppy was shake, as it is quite easy.
keep shaking your puppys paw and say shake as you do it, then give it a little treat.
seshla picked this up within a day, now everytime she goes to shake without me asking, i say 'paw' as if to teach her to hold it there and shake without me :)