Multiple Dogtrick


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I've got three dogs.... so I may give this a try as well! We'll have to see. It's so cool! How do you think you would go about teaching this?


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Well I found this video by Brigitte van Gestel(she is a dutch dogdance champion) showing how she teaches the ringtoss.
I will have to figure out how to get my dogs to take over the ring from eachother. I don't know if I can get it doneO_o:D
But first I will have a go at the ring toss.
Here is the vid


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I just did a session. I used a plastic container with the lid on as a target. Clicked for every nosetouch on the lid. Then I let the dog take the ring from me and made him drop it. I saw where they dropped it, so I put the container in that spot, so the ring would fall on it and then put the treat in the ring. I was surprized that Cooper got the hang of it real quick. I tested it by handing the ring away from the container and he put it on the lid!! Then I put a cone on the container and clicked for every drop that hit the cone. Once the ring accidentally fell around the cone, so I gave a jackpot. Then he put in on the cone again, another jackpot and then ended the session by play.
Jinx, on the other hand, was not as precise:D It took her a while before she figured out, she had to nose touch the container. Then when I introduced the ring she randomly tossed it around:whistle: I had to move the container around a bit, but she got it in the end. Then I put the cone on the container, but because she tosses the ring, it hardly even touched the cone:rolleyes:
So I have to start clicking her for a more controled release of the ring.

Funny to see how Cooper is the thinker, he takes his time, really thinks about what to do. While Jinx is a do-er, she is energetic but is more the trial by error type:D
I'll see if I can do another session later today and try to film it.