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I have a 1 year old Cavachon. She went to puppy class and learnt basic training and I have taught her tricks at home.
She can sit, stand, roll over, stay, come, fetch, play shy, beg, stand on hind legs. She's very good at all of these, but not so good at house training. :confused: She doesn't like the cold, wet, or having to do her business in the garden if there's any chance she can make it upstairs to do it there. Her loves in life are to find my socks and run off with them, and licking me. She is very social both with other dogs and humans. She's a fussy eater who's happy to let any other dog eat her dinner. She loves dog biscuits. She loves fluffy toys and balls and playing fetch with them.

We live in Oxfordshire, UK. on the river Thames.


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Wow, sounds like you have a very smart dog!:D
My dog also will avoid getting his paws wet if he can,
and if it is raining, i have to leash him up and go out with him,:rolleyes: and walk him directly into the grass,
or else,
he will try to stay on the sidewalk. :ROFLMAO: what a lil prince he has become, too good to walk on wet grass! ha ha!
Sounds like your dog is super smart,:) finding ways to avoid getting her paws on the wet grass! too funny!
here's a video which may
or may not
help you come up with strategies to help keep your carpets clean. Of course, any urine in the carpet has to be cleaned with special enzymatic cleanser,
or just even the lingering SMELL of the urine, however faint it is,
WILL trigger a "reply" (urine) from the dog.


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my dog wont' go outside in strong winds, either, lol. For whatever reason, if the wind is very very strong,
he will not step outside even if his lil bladder is full. :X3:
We usually have to accompany him on really windy days, too.


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Sara - i think thats right,

Hi another UKer!!! I'm nr Reading in Berkshire. We have Oka the GSDx. Sounds like you have a smart pooch!! Hope you enjoy it here!