Moving House


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So, in two weeks time Evie B is lucky enough to be moving to a farm with me - which is freaking AWESOME! :D

However, it has NO fences. Not a single one. Now Evie isn't the sort of dog who will run away without fences, infact when she was younger she used to jump our current fence on a daily basis so that she could curl up on the front door mat and wait for us to get home :rolleyes:

What I believe will be the real problem is us driving away in the first place. I'm 100% convinced she will try and follow. Once we're gone - it'll be fine. She will just curl up and wait, or stalk the rabbit/horses or what ever. But it's the part where we drive away which I think could be a real problem.

I'm not putting her on a chain, so please don't even try to suggest that - I'm convinced she'd break her neck trying to get away, or just slip the collar off.:confused:

Any ideas on how I can train her not to follow the car? :/


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So you drive away and someone else who evie knows well and likes (parent/partner etc.) is doing something fun with evie (tricks, going for a walk) so you going away means something positive?

And teaching invisible boundaries:

That wont help when we're all having to leave her :p She's fine if someone stays with her.

Invisible boundaries are good though, should have thought of that myself :oops: Buttttttt not sure even that would work. Everything goes out the window when she thinks she's being abandoned. Will try it anyways. Come to think of it, having a fence wouldnt have helped either as she would have just jumped it. :rolleyes:

Tâmara Vaz

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You could use you being back like a reinforcement for her to stay calmly on house.

Like this:
Choose a place ,like inside the house- she would stay on the open door- or a blaket-bed or a house dog or anywhere, where she must stay. Then move one step back, praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK, two steps praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK ... 50 steps praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK. Yeah Mutt! Practice . When you're good on it: go in the car and get out: praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK;Go in the car, stay a while ,get out: praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK;Go in the car, stay a while,turn it on ,get out: praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK;Go in the car, move away A LITTLE, ,get out: praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK;

Well, you already know where I want to reach...

Go in the car, get out off her sight, ,go back: praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK; Go in the car, go somewhere close, ,go back: praise WITH YOU GETTING BACK; Sucess!!

On this point I don't think you need to be strict on the place, she should be just close enouth to the house.
I never did this myself, it's an idea that should work.:)


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Thanks Tamara!! That's a good idea. I think I might combine that concept with the invisible boundaries (as I don't want to tell her to sit and stay on her matt and then drive off as she would never hear a release word... and I dont want her thinking she can release herself from a stay when ever she likes.)

Seems I have a lot of training to do ;)

Thanks for the help everyone!~


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Is it possible to leave Evie inside? Or would she be inside to too long, or tear the house apart?

Is it possible to have your parents baby sit her at first?

Or can you get a large run? They're available on the internet, rather like a cat kadoodle but MUCH bigger and with VERY high sides. Higher than Evie jumped on when she hopped onto the wall. They're portable too, so if/when you do move again, you can take it with you.

You could put a shelter in it, or buy one, they came with shelters but that of course does cost more.


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