Mouth/Teeth issues


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I have this question posted at the end of another post I have, but felt it would not get the appropriate views at the end of a separate topic.

My dog has been showing no interest in eating, as well as dropping items short on retrieves. These are both new behaviors from what she was about a month ago.

It was brought to my attention that maybe her mouth was sore, so I took that to mind and started adding warm water to her food to soften it up a little. She has eating every last bite ever since.

Now I would like to find out if there is some kind of soreness in her mouth, or any issues with her gums, etc. Does anyone know what I can check or look for? I will take her to the vet if it comes to that, but I hate to take her in and have them say she looks fine and slap me with a $100 vet bill. I say this mostly because she chews on her hard chew toys all the time, so I am no where near sure that she has any problem other than it being a "teenage" year behavior. None the less, I would sure like to find out if there are any problems.

Any suggestions or leads would be greatly appreciated.


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She turned 10 months on the 15th, all of her adult teeth are in, however I am not certain if they are fully protruded as far as they go. I have been under the impression that the teething stage takes place only for 1-3 months after the loss of baby teeth, which she did around 4 months.


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does her mouth smell rotten or is she dribbling these are signs of gingavitus but being soo young i wouldnt think shes has that yet, check her teeth does she have an odd one out of place, my friends pig dog didnt loose all his teeth, a couple of his puppy teeth stayed in and she had to get them romoved as he was also showing signs of dropping food maybe your dog has a pup tooth stuck in behind an adult tooth


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My dog still chewed on hard things even when he had a broken tooth. Then he got really careful about taking toys into his mouth. After he got his tooth pulled he was back to his normal crazy fetching maniac :dogtongue2:. When his tooth was hurting he'd also act more tired and sometimes ignored me. It might be worth it to take your dog in for a check up even if you won't see anything abnormal in his mouth.