Mouse And Boo Got A Day Out!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by sara, Jun 2, 2013.

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    They got to go to Global for their big customer appreciation day... there were reps there from Petcurian, Champion, Wellness, A new company that is only just coming into Canada, And a couple of others. They also has Whisker Rescue there with 3 baby kitties (Munch nearly got a little orange brother! LOL) And boy did Mouse and Boo get ALOT of attention! Mouse even used her new attention seeking behaviour (barking/whining/purring/quacking LOL ) We all got Bison Burgers (though Mouse and Boo got theirs raw) and came home with a bag full of treats/samples and cans!

    The Whisker people (whom I know) were really impressed with the fact that 1, I got a cat, and 2, that I managed to find a deaf one! Stacy was like "well, of course you did!" LOL Oh, and I bought Munch a harness, so he's going to be learning how to go outside.

    Mouse and Boo are such hams... they love playing up for attention. Boo especially was climbing on peoples laps, rolling around on the floor, putting his head on the floor with his butt in the air, Chasing his tail, and all round being a silly little guy! Mouse mostly frisks people for food, then moves on LOL. They are fantastic ambassadors for their breed, and deaf dogs!

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