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    hello everyone- I rescused a new pup- lab mix - 10 weeks old- and he is different from any other pup I have ever had. He is very timid. I think it is seperation anxiety. We have only had him for 4 days so a little premature to "label"- he also doesn't want to eat- I will bring him to his dish and show hi the water etc, he will nibble a couple pieces and run away. I have ended up putting his leash on him and he will eat that way. I am used to my other pups following me around the house yet this one stays on the couch and will not even come into the kitchen if im in there nor anywhere else in the house. Like I said - Ill give him some more time - maybe he needs to adjust to his new home (only animal in home) I will keep reading on here and post updates. Thank you

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    I *hope* you do NOT have an inherently shy dog, this does show up from birth on. You are right, it is too soon to know for sure. (Even if you do, and that is an IF, there IS much that can be done to help shy dogs grow.)
    But first, it is important you get new pup to trust YOU. TREATS TREAT TREATS. Use itty bitty tiny pieces of real meat. Toss them to dog, in ever shortening distances to you. TINY treats, a full dog is hard to motivate.

    Many times a day. Rain bits of meat!!
    Take care not to stare into dog's eyes without offering slow blinks. Direct stares can make many dogs uncomfortable. SLOW BLINKS, however, --------exaggerated obvious slow blinks, are using his own language to tell him, "Calm down". He will appreciate your saying that. Yawning at dog is good, too. (you may notice your dog blink or yawn back to you, that is good sign).

    When the dog will accept treats directly out of your hand, do this, often. Have pup lick teeny dab of peanut butter off of your hand, this is incredibly bonding to a dog.
    GOOD LUCK, and once your dog has decided YOU are safe, you can look over this video, too:
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    Also, most puppies need to be socialized, the old adage: 100 people in 100 days, (be held by 100 people in 100 days) i don't know enough if that applies to a pup like yours, but, i hope others will come by to tell you to follow that advice or not.....with your pup....

    and also, as you have discovered, dogs are individuals, and do keep in mind, this pup doesn't even know you yet, i'm betting with time, and MANY tiny TREATS, the pup will accept you and love you and trust you. I can't overemphasize how helpful and bonding treats are to dogs. (and time, too).
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    ohhhh- thank you so much!
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    and to promote the pup eating, since pup is not yet comfortable with you, i would keep my distance, and be sitting with my side or back to the pup while he is eating, not standing over him.
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