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Hi..seemed to have got myself a dog with an overactive imagination...she astually thinks she's the boss!!!!
Need tips on dealing with as alpha female please


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Welcome to DTA!

I like your description of your dog:), have you thought that your dog would probably write almost exactly the same post if she could type? "My owner has an overactive imagination - they think they are the boss!" :D My sister took her dog to class and the trainer (not IMO a good one) told her that she needed to SHOW she had stronger will than the dog, my sister replied with complete frankness, "but I know he's got a stronger will than me!" The trainer was speechless, LOL :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.

There are several people on here who have alpha females (from your posts so far I'm not sure that you have one, she sounds more simply dog aggressive) and I see you've already found at least one of the threads about dealing with the problems. I hope you find something that works, I'm sure you'll get good answers from the other thread but in the mean time you might like to look at a thread about helping the dog aggressive dog. I'd go with the ideas in Tigerlily's second post about desensitisation and only using distraction in an emergency. If you need stones in a can to distract her you are way over her threshold.