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I haven't been on DTA for a while. So a quick update..... we still have Holly, Lewis and Sky.
Sky is pretty much the same as always.
Lewis is doing pretty well, he's been going to agility class since about August last year, he's competed in a number of shows, including nationals. He'll never be super fast but he gets to the finish (most of the time). He has also gotten his Rally-o Novice title and will be competing in obedience again in two weeks (haven't done much obedience lately, need to get back into that over winter).
Holly is amazing as always. She won "top micro dog" at our agility nationals last year (so proud of her). Has her Rally-o Advanced title and Jumpers title now. She's such an awesome little dog and has a massive fan club. Somehow she's also gotten scruffier, not sure when her fur will stop growing.


I got a puppy.

Her name is Mera and she is about 13 weeks old now. She's a rather special little puppy, very sweet and not exactly what I was expecting from a Border Collie. I was a little worried that it would be constant crazy running around chaos, but she is actually really calm most of the time (I was somewhat talked into getting a Border, was looking at other breeds, I was a bit resistant).

Mera is a lot of fun, loves to tug and play.

I haven't done many tricks with her yet, mostly been working on foundations for obedience (hoping to take her to nationals - we will do obedience instead of agility this year - sorry Holly wont be defending her title O_o ) .

Here's her the day after I got her (we got home very late the night before):

With Holly and Lewis (Mera started out the right size, haha):

I take a photo of Mera with Holly every weekend, this is last weeks (haven't done this weeks yet):

Yesterday after she rolled around on the wet grass:

Miss Legs:

I guess time will tell if Mera lives up to all the Border Collie hype ;)


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Glad to hear Holly and Lewis are doing so well. Treats to Holly for being top micro dog at nationals.
Congrats on getting a puppy. Mera is absolutely adorable:love:. I'm a bit jealous I can't wait to get a puppy at 8 weeks and train it completely the way I want to. I'm excited to hear about Mera's future success and adventures keep us updated and be sure to continue posting pictures of her as she grows up.:)


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Mera looks gorgeous... I hope she works out perfectly for you.
Well done to you and Holly for winning top micro dog (y)
Unlike Danielle I don't envy you at all starting a puppy, give me a 1 year old dog to start with any day LOL.