Me & Bentley


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Have 2 dogs - 9 yr old Tsi-Shu, Toby, and 5 mo. old Bully mix puppy, Bentley (45 lbs). Trying to train Bentley in many areas -leash walking, come, jumping, barking. Toby is Toby. Did not work with Toby when he was puppy, so he does his own thing. Want to work lot more with Bentley as he develops. Bentley very sweet dog so far. Lots of energy. Love dogs very much - I do not own a 'man cave', but saw a poster the other day which included all the normal 'crude' and sexist man cave rules and limitations. But rule # 7 particularly agreed with me - 'Dogs always allowed.'


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Hi and welcome. You've come to the right place, lots of company working with lots of issues. If you have any questions or need any suggestions, please ask, there are loads of great people on the forum who can help you with any training ideas. Bentley is still young, and my bet, with some work and patience, he'll soak up training like a little sponge. Most important of all: have fun with your pups!!


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Welcome! Your dogs are adorable:) This sure is the right place to get loads of help and answers to any questions or problems you have with training. Do you use a clicker?
Bentley is still very young, he'll get it so don't give up:) Just be patient and persistent, he'll come to understand what you want. And as Jackie says, enjoy your youngster, they grown up so quickly:)