Me and My Radio


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Hello All!
My name's David and I'm new to the dog life:dogbiggrin:. Actually, I haven't had a dog since I was a little kid. So last Christmas, I researched a breed that would live well with older people and gave my mother a Papillon pup whom she named Radio.
She named him Radio because of some C/W song (she doesn't even listen to c/w:dogrolleyes:) and the singer was saying that he lives along with nothing but his Radio. As my mother is a retiree, she thought she would be living alone and would have a dog - whom she decided to name Radio like the guy in the song.
I joined this website because Radio has all the basics down pat, I thought it would be fun to challenge him with new tricks. Although, I don't really see where those are at.


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Hi David

Welcome to the forum :)

You can subscribe to the classroom and learn a lot of really good tricks. It is so worth the money as the tuition is excellent. Also other member on here are really good at helping everyone out.

Enjoy yourself.


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Hi David!

Our monthly challenges should give you plenty of ideas. Check out the challenge forum for past challenges. Also, as Yvonne suggested, the classroom should help you out a lot. A one month subscription is cheaper than any book, video, or training class that you could buy. :) Good luck to you and welcome to the Academy!


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The classroom is great and you can sure ask questions on how to train this or that in training forum or anyone that seems appropriate to what you're looking for. There are some great trick trainers on this site that have really helped me.