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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Caiti, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Caiti Experienced Member

    Today Matrix went to her vet to receive her vaccinations, and they told us possible signs of a negative reaction. On the way home, she threw up twice, which could have been her just being car sick but she LOVES the car. We called the vet and they seemed pretty convinced it was just the car and told us just to keep an eye on her. We got home and she had a nap and then was fine. She was running around, playing and chewing on her toys. Four hours later, I took her outside into the back yard, and when it was time to go back in she followed me up the back steps and then just started screaming! She was screaming and crying and fell down the steps, landing in the grass and just kept screaming and screaming. I had no idea what to do. I held back Wylie and taking calmingly to her while she lay on her side in the grass screaming bloody murder. My parents came running out and I went to put Wylie inside, she tried to follow me but limped and fell back into the grass, still crying. There was nothing wrong with her leg, she would let us touch it, but she wouldn't stop. My mom and I loaded her into the car and drove to the vets, and when we got there, guess what?! She was perfectly fine. Wagging her tail, jumping around, not limping at all! :p The vet agreed to take a look at it and found nothing. Matrix was even happier than normal! Now the entire clinic thinks we are insane. :cautious:

    So yea, Matrix had a rough day. Apparently she has a very low pain threshold, because she is perfectly fine now. :rolleyes:
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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    Awww, poor puppy!!:( I think it was probably the vaccines. Or maybe she just wanted to go to the vet again:ROFLMAO: Glad she's fine now!!:)
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  3. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    No chance that she stepped on a bee or something?
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  4. Linda A Experienced Member

    My first guess would be that she stepped on something. Glad she is okay now!
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  5. Anneke Honored Member

    Bit of a drama queen?:D Glad she is ok!
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    I'm thinking she was as suggested above, stung by something, though you'd see the sting with most stinging insects like bees. Or she stepped on something. Any sharp things around? Splinters in steps?

    But I would also keep a close watch on her, as she may have had a mild allergenic reaction to her vaccinations, it does happen. Or it maybe something a little more serious, which only shows up intermittently. Having said that, please don't panic, it's probably nothing, puppies can be squealers over the slightest thing and make a huge fuss about nothing!:rolleyes: It's only with time that you get to know how your dog reacts to certain situations, so relax, watch her but don't become worry warts!

    And with your vets, doubt they think you're all totally mad, they'd rather you took her there when something appeared wrong, only to have Matrix bouncing around again fit and well, than left it a 'day or two' and it was something really wrong! A good vet appreciates the fact that as owners we do not have their experience and knowledge to know when somethings 'really wrong' and somethings just our dog being a bit of a drama queen.:)
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  7. 648117 Honored Member

    My old Cavalier, Paris, got stung by a bee on her leg once. It was actually pretty funny (but she wasn't a puppy and I knew what it was otherwise it probably would be a bit scary).

    Me and my brother were sitting in the lounge when Paris came rushing inside (she had been out in the garden) and ran around the room screaming. I caught her and there was a bee stuck to one of her back legs which fell off as I lifted her up. She was making such a drama about it that I had to make a baking sode/water paste and put it on her leg where the bee had been (there was no swelling or anything) before she would calm down. I rang the vets and they said she should be fine and that I didn't really need to put anything on it, she was fine. Paris was quickly running around and acting normal.

    Then about an hour later my mum came home and Paris limped over to her looking all sorry for herself. I told my mum what had happened and that Paris had been fine until the moment she came home, Paris was just being dramatic to get more sympathy from mum!
    Once mum had given her a cuddle she was fine again :LOL:

    I guess when they get stung they can be pretty dramatic about it but are perfectly fine again pretty quickly :)

    It's good to know Matrix is fine now.
  8. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL some are Drama Queens but have to say that some aren't, even when it is a drama!:rolleyes: My late doggy Tiger Lily was stung by a European Wasp, just a puppy and thought Wasps would make a new an exciting playmate!:rolleyes: I was watching, not all the time, from the house, when in came partner with a look crossed between amusement and horror - complete with Tiger Lily in his arms I may add.

    I saw the problem immediately, one puppy with a VERY puffed up face, right by the glands too!:eek:

    Fortunately our vets were open Sundays until 5.p.m. quick phone call and one totally unrepentant and still wanting to play Puffer Faced Pup - her new nick for the day "Puffer Face" - was rushed in to have an anti-hystamine injection.

    Seems she wasn't the only puppy to try out Wasps as a new playmate, six other puppies had been rushed to the vets that day! Apparently there was a swarm of the Wasps in our area, and a whole lot of very inquisitive puppies. Our vet said she was expecting more and staying open a little longer - just in case!
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  9. Caiti Experienced Member

    She was fine. I checked the steps, the walkway her coat, her paws, her legs and I couldn't find anything at all. No cuts or visible marks, no bee, no splinters. She is a bit of a drama queen. A very vocal drama queen who lets you know when she is even the slightest bit bored. :rolleyes:
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  10. threenorns Well-Known Member

    LOL - i knew a dog who was like that: i took him out for a walk as a favour to his owner. so Doofus (lab/poodle mix) was goofing around on the leash whirling around trying to bite it (totally not trained, even though he was an adult) and he stumbled back off the curb. it was no big deal - he righted himself and carried on. we get home and he's romping and twirling and bouncing up to the door, jumps up on the door, and as soon as he sees his owner, ooooooh m. g.

    the ears.
    the big, sad eyes.
    the drooping bottom lip.

    and the best part? the trembling *front* paw he held up for "kissies"!
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  11. Pawbla Experienced Member

    Awww. But you just gotta love drama queens. They make you be so scared, but then you have a good laugh :)
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  12. threenorns Well-Known Member

    that's so true - but bec it wasn't my dog, my immediate reaction was "omg, he's going to think i abused his dog!" (thankfully, the owner was well aware of Doofus's little foibles).
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  13. threenorns Well-Known Member

    i learned that lesson when i was pregnant (with the labour and delivery ward, not the vet!) - after about the 9th time i went in only to be told everything was okay, i was so dismally apologetic that the nurse told me absolutely not to worry: "we LOVE telling mum that baby's doing just fine - it makes up for the times we can't".
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  14. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I agree. With my 4th baby, I was 8 months along and experiencing some strange contractions, not painful, just incredibly tight and relentless. It had kept me awake all night, and couldn't feel the baby moving. When I called L&D first thing in the morning, the nurse asked, very condescendingly, "Is this your first baby, dear?" and I told her , "no, it's my fourth", she said, "come in right away". Within an hour, baby was delivered by emergency c-section!
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Partners can be drama queens! Cat, stray and adopted by me of course, was pregnant. Came time for her to give birth (3.a.m. of course what other time is there) and she very easily gave birth to three kittens. She was all settled down and purring like mad, when you could see a fourth kitten making its way down to the birth canal. Partner - in a total fully fledged Drama Queen Act - wanted to call our very lovely vet. "She's bleeding internally, she's having a fit (who the cat or him?) somethings wrong I just KNOW somethings wrong" where just a few on the anguished cries. No use pointing out that the cat wouldn't be laying there, purring her head off and washing her kittens, if there was something wrong. Only way I managed to calm him, kind of, was to point out that calling our vet out in the middle of the night for a perfectly normal birth, would bring the fires of hades down on him!

    After a few moments, with partner still fluffing around, the cat gave birth to her final kitten. But, the placenta came away a little after, not immediately as it did with the first three, and apparently partner hadn't noticed it with the first three but boy oh boy with the fourth! Total panic, Oscar Winning Drama Queen performance! "See, said she was bleeding internally" "TOLD YOU something was wrong" "Going to call the vet NOW" "She's dieing" and a lot more besides all along the same lines! I almost let him call the vet - and pay the bill - but took pity on him and finally my common sense prevailed and he was a little quieter. But did spend the rest of the night sitting beside her "Just in case something is wrong". Oh well, the cat slept, the kittens slept, and the dogs and I slept. He kept a lonely vigil by her side!
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  16. brody_smom Experienced Member

    That's so sweet!
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  17. Pawbla Experienced Member

    Yeah, that's actually very sweet :).
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