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    Hi all,

    As I said in my introduction I am mom to a 4 yr miniature dachshund named Texas. While I love my boy we've got an on going marking issues that I'm stumped at how to tackle.

    Many places people seem to treat it as a house breaking issuse, however he only does it when (a) we bring new dogs in the house, which makes sense and (b) when I bring new objects in the house.

    I have YET to actually catch him in the act of peeing on something, but I know the day I forget to keep xyz out of his reach its going to be peed on.

    I'm *this* close to going out and buying diapers, especially since I'm baby-sitting for a friend over the Holiday.

    Any advice or tips?

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  2. Maura Well-Known Member

    He is establishing his dominance. Some may argue this, but that's what I think. Get a belly band. Whenever you bring home a new object or new dog, put the belly band on him. Better than a diaper.
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  3. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Since he only does it with new dogs or objects, it does sounds like he's marking his territory. Someone in our Noseowork class also has a Doxie (what is it with them?? :confused:) who seems to have the same issues. She's tried just about everything also - and it's also not a housetraining issue. Hers has a doggie door, no excuse there!

    I also might be inclined to try a belly band, esp since you can pretty much know (or guess) what (or when) he's going to mark. You'll know when to use the belly band. He won't be able to mark, and if he does, he'll find it very uncomfortable and most likely won't try it twice (with the band on). If you're consisitent with it, hopefully he'll get out of practice. If you don't use the band, then you've got to be ultra-watchful, and the nano-second you see him start, make a loud interrupting noise (such as AAAHHHH), then grab him and rush him outside. Granted, we know it's not a housetraining issue - but hey mister, if you're gonna pee, you're gonna pee out here! :eek:O_o
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