Maltese Puppy


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Welcome to DTA!
Don't forget to check out the classroom area and the puppies forum for training ideas and help. I hope you have lots of fun training your pup.


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Congradulations on the new pup! Be aware, many many dog behaviorists think it is to the puppy's advantage, if the dog can be allowed to remain with his momma and his siblings until he is 12 weeks old.

During that crucial 8 to 12 weeks old time, the infant pup will be taught by his momma and littermates to bite less among other things. Especially for small breeds, it is thought to be best to leave infant pups with their litter til 12 weeks old.
Taking away an infant pup at 8 weeks old increases your chances of spending the next 4 weeks consoling a continuously crying infant who nips really a lot more than pups who were left with their mommas til 12 weeks old.

just a thought, IF you have that option. You could still visit the pup a lot, etc, but, allow his momma to finish off his 'infant' lesson time...? If you bring home that infant at 8 weeks old, you WILL be back here posting, "My infant dog cries all the time and is biting me nonstop, what shoud i do?"
All infant dogs cry when removed from their mommas, and all of them nip, but, still, those removed before 12 weeks tend to be a lil worse about it.
Worth a try to see if breeder will allow momma to keep her infant til 12 weeks old....


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Here's yet another tale of someone who brought home an 8 week old infant puppy: (these type of stories are a dime a dozen on some dog websites, just one after another after another, "My 8 week old puppy nips nonstop and cries all night" etc etc)

for real, i hope you are able to ask the breeder if your pup CAN stay with his momma, where he belongs, til he is 12 weeks old. It'll be easier on both YOU, and on the infant. Just a thought...