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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by jenclerm, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. jenclerm Experienced Member

    Hello All,

    I am still undeceided if I want a male or female... here's what am hoping for...
    I basically want a sucky dog, one that will sit in my lap..and go where I go. What genders are most like this?


  2. bella_gooddog New Member

    Hello. I have owned both male and female dogs, although not one who was under 90 lbs. I do like females because they do not have a tendency to mark and wander. You can teach a male dog when to mark, though. More importantly than the sex, I think, is how the dog behaves with its littermates and momma. You probably don't want to choose one that comes up to you right away. Maybe the right one to choose is the pup who is still very dependent on its mom for direction. This pup will probably bond to you quicker and look to you as the boss. That's how I chose the girl that I have now and she is very well-mannered. That's my thought and opinion. Good luck finding your new buddy!:dogsmile:
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    I think you might want to also look into what kind of breed you want. Some breeds are born explorers, regardless of sex. Oh, and the dog's temperament and how a dog is raised will generally determine whether he is going to be a suck or not.
  4. jenclerm Experienced Member

    Thanks! The breed is Dachshund... I read they are one of the hardest dogs to train regardless of their gender, due to the fact they are so stubborn and the way thier breed is...
    The breeder will be sending me pictures of the pups when they are born and I will need to make my decision based on images :(

    I am just trying to decide over male or female now, the way the dog is suck or not I will still love them to pieces!

    Thanks again!
  5. snooks Experienced Member

    i've owned several of each. The breeder of my last girl said it best. Males are just hunks of cuddly love but females are more dimensional. It hit home. All my boys are very obedient/cuddly/lovey/touchy. The females are take more finesse, are capable of incredible things faster, think much more, can be a little harder to train, but are just as loved and cherished. Boys are just simpler I think, girls spend a lot of time reasoning or plotting. lol Hope that helps. It depends on what u like. The breeder should also be able to help u pick as he/she knows the puppies the best. Don't be put off if the breeder wants to pick for you. My last one did after talking to all my trainers and she pegged it dead on. I got the perfect girl for me. :)
  6. alee New Member

    Well I'm not sure about dashunds but I know that for huskies, the females are less how can i put this in your lab kind of dogs, in example if you and your family are watching tv they would usually want to stay in a diferent room, as the males would rather stay with the family(I can't vouch for this, I read it out of a book of mine), but when I sit on the floor my dog will sit on my lap all 65pounds of husky, so when people ask me what kind of dog i have i say a lapdog(its half true)
  7. jenclerm Experienced Member

    LOL this was an old post.. but thank you very much for the imput.. I am picking my little boy up in a few hours! He is finally coming home!! I am so excited!

  8. snooks Experienced Member

    much congrats. enjoy enjoy

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