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OK we need a thread about videos. How to's, tips and questions. I'll try to think up a few questions that I've been and seen asked. There are tips, questions and such all over this forum, I just thought a place specifically for video questions would be a good idea, so when we're looking for a specific question, we can come here :)

What software do you use?

Where do you get Royalty Free Music?

What Camera/s do you use?

Best formats for You Tube (what downloads fastest, but still looks good)?


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I use Window live Movie maker.
I use youtube to mp3 for my music
My video camera is Kodak Play Sport.
One thing I find helpful is using a tri pod(think that's what it's called) so if you don't have anyone to help you won't have to hold it. Make sure were you are has plenty of light, turn off any tvs of radio's, go to a quiet place.


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I have Corel Video Studio, but I hate it and have started using Windows Live Movie Maker. Which came installed on my computer. It's much faster and easier to use :)

I film everything in HD with my Cannon Powershot si- something, something, blah, blah

I need to find Royalty Free Music (which is why I started this thread) and someone pointed out where they get theirs, but I cant remember what thread it was in :) I usually just use what I can find on You Tube, but I'm getting sick of trying to find something that doesn't sound like crap :)

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I posted a few answers in the other thread which are below:

Definitely get either Picasa [great great great free photo editing/slideshow software that I can help with whenever you need]

or if you want to get a bit more involved - I use Movieplus which has a free start edition
And their last version - very good is marked down from $79 to $29 as the new version has come out:

As for free music - this site has TONS but you have to really go through it - it will have you up late at night trying to find just the right have been warned! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

Camera - either my phone - Motorola Droid Razr or my old Olympus SP570UZ - unfortunately I had to sell my good camera when I needed money to come back overseas and haven't been able to afford a new one but they do a pretty good job.

Upload to Youtube - both Picasa and Movieplus have a setting to automatically upload to Youtube and they compress well without losing quality.


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I use iMovie for editing my videos.

My camera is Sony Alpha a57. I just got it for my birthday. :)

I buy my music from iTunes. :sick: I'm curious to see where you guys get your free music from, because I don't know where I can get it from.


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I use windows movie maker.

I use a sony Cyber-shot DSC-W320 (just a simple small camera,
which is ideal to take with you and to make simple shots).

I always film on my own and simply use a (orange) crate/chair/something else with a steady
flat surface.

for my music I use this site:
with this site you can simply convert youtube[music]videos into mp3 format and save them on your computer. It is very easy and quick.