Making a dog shake?


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I want to capture 'shake', but Alfie just doesn't do it enough! Obviously being wet makes him do it, but I hate having a wet dog, and it's still too cold for regular swims in the lake or the sea. He'll sometimes do it after being brushed but does anyone have any other suggestions?


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My dogs all do this after a bath but I put it to a command so they will do this when I need them to just before I start drying. I started it just by blowing in their ears. Yes they were more inclined to do it because they were wet but now when I ask them to shake, they do but I haven't try to transferred it to outside the bathtub. Maybe I should...


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I am teaching that trick now, and the only thing I do is click when she shakes after brushing (she always does it after brushing).
So I am just trying to be patient, and wait until she understands that shaking is good:)


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I have also heard of blowing in the dogs' ear... Some suggest using a straw.
I have heard because it is more an 'impulse' behaviour, dogs have a heard time repeating it. So if you ask for 5 in a row, the first will be awesome, and then they'll decline, and the 5th will be loserish. If you wait 5 minutes and ask again, you can get some more awesomes.
However, I think ear blows is more a head shake...


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storm always shakes if you just put a little water between his shoulders and ears so you could try that

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storm22;5656 said:
storm always shakes if you just put a little water between his shoulders and ears so you could try that
Good idea, I will try that with my dogs see how it goes. :) Thanks for the tip storm!


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I'm not sure if this happens with anyone else's dog, but mine often does it when she first gets out of bed in the morning and sometimes after she eats dinner..


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Try using a spray in skin conditioner, it dries quickly and they all usually smell pretty good. The spray will eventually be the cue and you can fade that out with a vebal association. Have fun