Make Some Popcorn, Great Dog Video


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Here is a great video,
about dogs.
Why do we humans love dogs??
CAn dogs really "read" humans?
Can humans really correctly interpret dog barks?
How did humans + dogs ever start?
How are dogs and wolves different from each other?
How many breeds of dogs are there?
and lots of other interesting topics all about DOGS!!!!!!!!!!

Make some popcorn, it is THREE parts, each part is about 20 minutes long.
Get your family to watch with you, cuz you WILL be telling them about one part or another, ha ha, yes, you will!!:ROFLMAO:

Part one:

Part Two, and Part Three:
oh, never mind, it is same link, you just have to be sure to click on all three parts on same page.
It is "very easy to understand" kind of video, and fun to watch for any dog lovers.

I may have posted this before, sorry.


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I thought the silver fox experiment had been abandoned years ago! I'm really glad they are still doing it.

Overall, I had already read and heard about most stuff, but there were a couple of really impressive things, like the Border Collie. I didn't know dogs were able to make out a real object from a picture, or from an analogous object. It's amazing!


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Well, i don't know if this film referencing the genes and mutations which escalated aggressive behaviors in the silver fox,
or other selective evolutionary results which increased friendliness to humans in silver foxes,
not sure these tests are "still being done" NOW...?????????

i got impression this documentary just refers to the past experiments, in one of the points they are making about the human-directed evolution of various popular dog features.


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The fox part was really interesting! And also the cute part. Why people breed certain characteristics only for looks. I don't like little toy dogs as much as I love dogs that look more like wolves.