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Discussion in 'Obedience Training' started by mel_wood20, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. mel_wood20 New Member

    With the command 'look at me' do you want your dog to look into your eyes and you look into his? or just look at his face?

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    You just want the dog to look up at your head. It can be your eyes, mouth, nose or fase.

    But you don't necesarily need to look back at your dog. In the beginning it is beneficial to train it looking at your dog so that you can make sure you reinforce the right behavior, but eventually you can practice using mirrors and look away, and you can look in the mirror to see if he's looking up at you.
  3. leema New Member

    GOOD IDEA!! I am getting to this stage with Clover's watch, so I will have to try. :)
  4. sarhaspups New Member

    "Watch me"

    Does anyone know any good 'watch me' excersises to play / practice the 'watch me' command?
    My Border Collie pup is 13 months old and I have let the 'watch me' command slip :dogunsure: so I need to excersise this command again and wanted to see if there were any good ideas for practicing this out there. :dogwub:

  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    My favorite (I usually do this every time I go to the park for 2-3 minutes), which is I put my dog in a sit and wait, and then just randomly walk anywhere. If she is looking at me she gets a treat, if not then I just keep walking randomly.

    You do need a good sit & wait for this tho. ;)
  6. leema New Member

    Well, I think it looks impressive when the dog knows a "watch" and a "look" cue - so "watch" is look at me, and "look" is look somewhere else.
    Then you ask the dog to do one followed by the other. I think this is fun practice.

    Not that my dogs know this yet. :(
  7. sarhaspups New Member

    Leema, great idea!! I actually taught Ace to look at me with the que 'look' when he was very young but I let the criteria slip and started using the command 'look' for him to find his toy, I will tell him find your ball and he will start looking, when he gets close I say 'look' and he will go straight ahead and look until he finds it. So I kind of messed up my 'look' command that way, hehehe.... which is why i have to start over with it. I'm going to start from scratch with the 'watch' command now and continue to practice with games. That is the only way to keep a good criteria for 'watch me'.

    Thanks Jean for the idea. Ace does have a good sit and stay so that wouldn't be a problem but it would be a good excerise to practice once we have a good 'watch me' as he is always very interested in the other dogs at the park. :)
  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    I use "focus" to get his attention on something else. :)
  9. hivin New Member


    We did something similar ... started using "Look" in a more general sense and Bailey becaume confused as a result ... we ended up using "ready" for her cue to look at us for the next command and that cleared it up ... we couldn't use "watch" as that's one of the items she retrieved on command so everytime we'd tell her to "watch" she'd take off to find our watch for us ... or she'd paw our wrist if I was already wearing it.

    Take care all: Hivin
  10. greatmaltese New Member

    my great dane syrus

    just wanted to sa y hi!
  11. gabyg New Member

    Hi, i taught my dog watch my face by holding a treat in my mouth. We began with a few seconds, then I let the treat fall and my dog snapped it. At least you can hold the attention for several minutes…but don’t overuse it;-))

    Kind regards, Gaby and the 2GSD
  12. sesse_m Well-Known Member

    I find this trick rather hard... It'ss something I'm having loads of problems to teach... My dog won't learn it properly.
    She watches the treat when it's in my hand, but won't look into my face. When she's sitting, she looks at me, I give her the treat, and then she keeps staring at me, (which is good) but starts to bark to get the treat...
    When walking she just looks at the treat when it's in my hand, if I have no treat she won't look up.
    And if I do keep the treat in my hand to make her look towards it (better than looking at the ground I guess) I have to give her one every 10-20 seconds or she looks away and doesn't look back.
    It's always been one of our biggest problems in training...
  13. Jean Cote Administrator

    She knows the treats come from your hand. You can put treats in your mouth like a squirrel and spit it out at her. It's kind of gross but it does work, many trainers who do obedience trials do this.
  14. dat123 Experienced Member

    Something to try, that might work...
    I hold the treat close to my eye, say "look", if I get 2 or more seconds I click and give a treat from somewhere else ( not the treat that was near my eye ), keep repeating, expect more seconds looking each time, after a while hold your finger to your eye ( no treat ), say "look", click and reward with a treat from somewhere else.It's important the dog understands that the reward is for eye to eye contact, rather than looking at the treat.
    important: only pay for correct behaviour ( dog must look at your eyes to get reward)
    This worked extremley well for all 3 of my dogs.
  15. cinetech New Member

    Great advice, I needed it!
  16. good_doggie New Member

    for the look at me trick,usually everytime i train him,he looks at me straight in the eyes for a free treat.He is a very clever dog!

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