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Discussion in 'General Dog Training' started by Dlilly, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Dlilly Honored Member

    Shiloh just has to learn one more "trick", then she can take the!! She has to learn leave it.... :eek:

    I've tried to teach her this in the past, but I failed due to my awful training skills. This time, I know what I'm doing. XD

    Earlier today, I worked on leave it with her. I held a treat in my hand, then when she gave me eye contact I clicked and gave her a treat. (A different treat, not the one I told her to leave)

    I was wondering if I should click for eye contact, or just when she looks at me. Does it matter??

  2. Anneke Honored Member

    I would click for eye contact, but if she ignores the treat by looking away it should ok too, I guess.
    Good luck!
  3. running_dog Honored Member

    To me eye contact with distractions and leave it are separate things.

    I don't expect my dog to look at me at all for leave it, he can look anywhere apart from gazing soulfully at the treat (whether or not he's quivering with anticipation and with drool dripping from his jowls :eek: ). My rationale is that I might not always be there for him to look at during leave it, but by nature of the exercise the treat will always be there for him NOT to look at...

    Zac often does make eye contact but other times he falls asleep, I'm fine with either.

    As for when to click I read somewhere that you have to click the decision - when the dog decides to look away from the treat and then later when the dog decides to move further from the treat.
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    CONGRATS on the upcoming dog test! Hope you do well!

    "Leave it", like "stay" was one of the FEW tricks or cues, i was unable to use a clicker, especially not at first. It's just my own inability there, i just couldn't use it for that in the beginning.
    NO doubt, others could and did, i just tripped over it for these cues.
    at first.

    I also have no preference whatsoever if my dog looks at me or not for "leave it".
    So long as he does not touch the object, he wins.

    I started sitting beside dog, with low value treat, like bread. He got praise and treats for not touching the bread.
    I advanced to higher value treats, in different rooms, with me farther and farther away.
    I can now leave a hot steak on the floor,
    leave the room,
    and he will not touch it, if i said "leave it" about the steak. (i actually do this about once or twice a month, to keep checking this is still true).

    Kikopup has a "leave it" video, which does not exactly match how i did it. but kikopup is great.

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  5. Dlilly Honored Member

    Thanks for the replies!

    I think I'll click when she looks away, and just give her a bonus for giving me eye contact. :D

    I LOVE Kikopup! I can't believe I haven't watched this video yet! Thanks for posting it.
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