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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Hi everyone, please allow me to introduce myself to this Forum. I am so excited to be here, as Zeus and my Fur Angel Brother Ra Kismet told me about you all, as did Mom. So I've been pestering Mom to write my Profile which I shall now dictate to her:) My paws, dainty as they are, are a little too big to type. Somehow I don't think I'd make a good P.A.

    Name: Leaf

    Nicknames: Leaf-let, Leafy, Princess Leaf and Sweetheart.

    Age: Five Months and three weeks (if my maths are correct;))

    D.O.B. February 14 2013. Yes, I'm a St. Valentine's Day Baby:love:

    Star Sign: Aquarius - same as Mom!

    Breed: Predominantly Kelpie, Staffie shows in my brindle legs and Rottie in my well rounded Butt!

    Favorite Toys: Mr. Caterpillar (Kong knot tug toy) Mr. Socks and the Panda on Mom's bed which I do NOT chew but just take around with me and snuggle up too.

    Favorite Occupations: Trick Training, cuddling up to Mom, walking with my Big Bro Zeus and playing! Not necessarily in that order.

    Favorite Food: FOOD!!!!!!!!! I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!! Any food, eat my veggies, eat anything actually but am fed organic raw! I also am a bolter, the Speed Queen of eating! Mom's gotta buy me a puzzle feeder!

    Favorite Color: Pink.
    Favorite Clothes: My Pink Hoodie and I also have a garden sweater Mom made for me, along with three new coats, one Black, one Burgandy and one a Tartan Hoodie for when I'm all grown up! I adore being dressed in my Hoodie, I love fashion!

    Favorite Gemstone: Diamonds (though Mom says their diamonte) I like my bling!

    Least Favorite things: Rain, wet soggy grass, mud and being apart from Mom.

    Schooling: Starting Junior Puppy School Next Sunday (Mom started last Sunday, humans need an extra week hee hee).

    Ambitions: To be the best dog I can be. Attain my Master's at Doggy U when I get there! Gotta pass Junior Puppy, Senior Puppy and then three levels at Adult School before I get to University PHEW! But I LOVE training, so know I will love school.

    Careers: Canine Freestyle, Agility, Canine Good Citizen and I'd love to model or act!

    Trick List:

    Sit Pretty.
    Spin (right and left).
    Roll over .
    On Your Mat.
    Off -mat or anything else.
    Look (at Mom).
    Name Recognition.
    Loose Lead walking. Love my walks!!!!!!
    I do all the above now with just hand signals - then I look for my treat!

    Learning - work in progress

    Peek-a-boo (almost got that)
    Stay - oops needs work can improve.
    High Tens (Mom needs help on this, she'll post later in a different thread)
    Curb Drill - almost there I do sit (when it's not wet)

    Stay - update achieved a 1.5 minute stay at home without distractions. Gotta get it at class now!

    Updating my Trick List!

    Peek-a-boo got it now
    Walk in Peek-a-boo
    High Tens - got it now
    Figure 8 spin

    Work In Progress

    Cross Paws
    Cop Cop

    I'm going to be working on new tricks with Mom, so will update as I progress. Mom's not pushing me, I'm still only a baby, but hey I do learn quickly:D


    I'm a Kelpie and as such am very loving, we just adore human companionship, intelligent, loyal, a real 'velcro' puppy, don't like to be too far away from Mom. We're also very placid dogs, not crazy, nervous types at all, just imagine that around stock, though of course I'm a home based puppy and my Mom's companion. Which is ideal for my Breed, as we just LOVE being with humans. And although we can run for miles (up to 80 Kilometers in one day) we're also couch potatoes. But we do need lots of mental stimulation and a good daily walk - don't all dogs though! I'm also very alert, quiet and did I say loving??

    History: I was, sadly, born into an "Abusive Environment" but thank goodness someone took pity on myself, my Mom and two siblings and along came the Australian Working Dog Rescue Association who legally removed all of us from that dreadful environment. Because of legal reasons, we could not be adopted immediately, we were all placed in wonderful Foster Homes. I went with my sister Blossom to Ana and Josh's, thank you both so much for helping us over come our shyness and finding me my very own furever home with my Mom.:)

    Also, again due to legal reasons, Mom doesn't know all the details of our former environment, just that we were neglected and abused, but I don't really remember all that, as I was rescued at a young age and, as I've said, placed in a very loving foster home until all the legal business was sorted. Then I was put up for Adoption at 22 weeks old.

    I was a bit scared about all that, especially when my foster Mom told me I had a 'meet and greet'. Oooooooo that sounded really scary! What was about to happen? I was so uncertain but it wasn't as scary as I thought.

    Foster Mom Ana held me in her arms and we went into this new home. There the first person I met was my hopefully to be new furever Mom. She was very sweet and kind, didn't try to hold me or be 'all over me', which suited me really well as I wasn't quite ready for a big cuddle with a strange person. Then, to my surprise this very handsome Blue Heeler strolled out. Oh my how my little heart fluttered, he was such a smashing chap, didn't push onto me, behaved like a perfect GentleDog. So, when we all went inside, I sat next to him on the sofa and flirted a little with him. Mom and Ana laughed to see me batting my baby browns at Zeus, who was really smitten by me, he was definitely a boy I wanted to have as my Big Bro. And as we were leaving, I leaned over and gave my new furever Mom to be three tiny, dainty kisses on her nose. Yes I sealed the deal doggy style, though she told me she had fallen in love with me the moment she set eyes on my picture! Not even me in person! Because her wonderful, much loved Fur Angel Ra Kismet had shown her just who she should have as her next fur baby to love and cherish just as she loved (and still does love) him. As Mom says, he always had exemplary taste, and really excelled in choosing me for my Mom. Thank you Rakins, you're a fantastic Fur Angel:love:

    Then it was time for me to go back to my foster home, cuz I hadn't been de-sexed at that time and the rescue organization is VERY strict about such matters.

    The big day arrived! I was to go to my furever home. Yes, I was officially adopted! Being much more prepared I was very brave and even allowed my new furever Mom to lead me down the driveway, with a little help from my new Daddy whom I had met on my previous 'meet and greet' - he though spent a lot of time talking to my foster Daddy - men!:rolleyes: Thank goodness though I had Mom and Big Bro Zeus.

    Daddy has made a video of my first moments in my new home, it's shocking quality, seems he cannot get the lighting right but Mom's going to post it here anyway (after yet another attempt to lighten it up a bit).

    Oh in case you think Daddy doesn't love me, let me set you straight here and now, I've got him well and truly under my little paw. I'm "Daddy's Little Girl" and HELP he's even decided to become my stylist! As a true Fashionista this is a little worrying and Mom has to remind him at times, faux leather please, remember where real leather comes from, don't won't to wear real fur or real leather at all.:eek:

    Since my arrival I've really come out of my shell. I'm not the shy little girly now, but love to meet and greet people when I'm out walking, though Mom makes me sit first, which I do, even though it's hard on a young puppy cuz humans say 'oh we don't mind' if I jump up (it's the humans who are so hard to train Mom says not me:rolleyes:). On my very first walk I was a bit scared of dogs barking behind fences, especially if I couldn't see them, and did stall in the middle of the road - Mom says it's a bit disconcerting to have your puppy plonk down right in the middle of the road - but I was checking it all out (Mom figured it out later at home I couldn't see right down the road from the curb) and having done so, on my second walk crossed the roads without plonking down, walk straight ahead don't run and all that jazz! And also, nowI'm not scared at all over dogs barking, my Big Bro Zeus was so patient about that, he waited for me to start walking again, yes I did plonk down, and kept himself between me and the fence lines, he's so brave!!!!!!

    Plus I now play a lot more than I did in my first week. Have mad, crazy attacks of the 'zoomies' and just love pouncing on Mr. Caterpillar and shaking Mr. Sock. I do my homework ever day and just love training always looking for more, but what I love best is to snuggle up against my Mom. Yes, I'm a love-bug, and pssst I sleep with her on the bed too. I cuddle up with my head on the pillow and Mom's arm around me.

    A perfect ending wouldn't you say, to a perfect day.:love::sleep:

    And before I go to sleep. I have a message for you all. Please ADOPT a Shelter Dog, we really do make wonderful companions.:love::love::love:

    We're Being Rescued! I'm the little one on the right.


    My Sister and I in our Foster Home - I the one on the left. The smallest, but hey good things come in small packages!


    Just Me:D Peeking!


    Zeus and Me Snuggled Together In the Car - I love car rides!


    Arrival Video will be up shortly! And a photo shoot is in the planning now the weather's better!

  2. southerngirl Honored Member

    Leaf sounds like a wonderful dog. And She is Super Cute. I love love the picture of her and Zeus, they both look great in their coats.
    Can't wait for the video.
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  3. Linda A Experienced Member

    She is so adorable and it sounds like she is making herself right at home. I absolutely love the picture of her and Zeus snuggling! I'll be watching for the video.
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  4. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Welcome, Leaf! You are adorable. Funny how MaryK's dogs are always such great story tellers!
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Southerngirl and Linda A. I love that picture too, am going to print it out and frame it.:love:

    LOL oh yes Linda, she sure is making herself right at home, it's like she's been here forever:)

    Will upload vid soon, still trying to improve quality - it has many 'blackouts' - LOL don't think my partner should change jobs, not for a video maker anyway!:rolleyes:
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL they take after their Mom, it runs in the family!;):LOL:
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  7. Evie Experienced Member

    Nawww, Leaf is just adorable!!!

    Glad you girls found each other :)

    Oh and isn't it great how Zeus has taken such a fancy to her!
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    Sooooo CUTE!!!!!:love: I love all those photos!! Looks like Zeus and Leaf are pretty fond of eacother:love: I enjoyed reading about Leaf, great job on the write-up!:)
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    So am I:)

    Zeus is great with her, he does 'grump' if she tries to lay right on top of him, but very politely, and LOL she just shrugs her pretty shoulders and jumps on top of me instead!:D He's been marvelous in helping her to over come her shyness, especially on walks, he's totally bomb proof and she's taking her cues from him.
  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Dogster:) Yes they get all really well, he does grump, as I've said but so politely she doesn't take offense. It's lovely to watch her following her Big Bro around, just so cute, she's so dainty and he's such a muscular, broad boy!:D

    Love your new Avatar and signature photos, Shivon is sooooooooo photogenic!:love:
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  11. Mutt Experienced Member

    :O how could I have missed this?
    She is lovely, how lucky hebis to have been adopted by you.
    Are you planning on going into a dog sport (because of her fair share of kelpie)?
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Mutt:) LOL I think I'm the lucky one though that she loves me so much:D

    Yes, Agility and if there's anywhere around here herding. Plus want to do Canine Freestyle with her too. Of course when she's a little older. She'll be writing about her first day at school, when her secretary has time, so you'll know all about her Agility prowess:)
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Finally got her Arrival Vid a bit better. It's so late now I need to get to bed, YouTube takes so darned long to upload, but will definitely post it tomorrow.:)(y)
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  14. brody_smom Experienced Member

    Looking forward to these, Mary. Good night!
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Here it is!!!!!!!! Leaf's Arrival video. After tearing out my hair for two weeks using the expensive video editor my partner bought, he turned his nose up at Windows Editor, which didn't make one iota of appreciable difference, I decided to try the el cheapo free Windows one. And, to my astonishment, it's made quite a big difference and so easy too! There may still be a couple of black spots, though YouTube is apparently now fixing those, but you can actually SEE leaf!!!!!!!!

    You'll also catch a glimpse of Maeve sitting on the old chest, before she headed for the high shelf, and HRH Sylvannia Faery Kitten, sitting firmly in 'her' chair, not budging one inch! And of course, my beautiful Golden Oldie, doing what he does best, being his quiet, calm, confident self!

    Hope it will play now, as YouTube still haven't finished fixing the lighting more - hopefully doing a good job - if not try again later:)

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  17. southerngirl Honored Member

    She is a adorable and looks like she was having fun checking out her new home.:love:
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    It's still horrible quality, sorry, and there's a 'glitch' around half way through just keep watching until the credits come up:) But at least you get a running commentary from my partner and a little idea of what Leaf's arrival was like:) At the end you may hear me speaking of three other dogs, looks like her rescue organization will take three dogs in a not too good environment, hope so!
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  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you:) She did have fun and then stood like a very good girl while I tried on her present, the pink hoodie, partner wasn't filming then:(

    She's come totally out of her shell now, absolutely gorgeous, loves to play and have fun!!!!!!!
  20. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Sooo cute!!! She looks like so much fun! :)
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