Latest Trip To The Dog Park (pic Heavy).


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I took all three dogs to the dog park today after Holly's obedience class. No one else turned up the entire time we were there, but it is pretty muddy, the grass is incredibly water logged and it is a bit cold today so it isn't surprising.
Don't let Skyes horrible hair cut distract you. We took her to the groomers last week, told them she needed a bath and a trim (make it about half the length it was - so about 2-3cm long). When mum went to get her she discovered they had shaved her nearly to the skin (they were still finishing up when she had been there for 2 hours - I have no idea what they spent all the time doing). We were not happy. The stupid groomers should have realised that it is the start of winter and we definitely did not want her shaved. They didn't even do the shave very evenly and they did a really bad cut around her face (too poodly, she's a Bichon cross). We wont be going back to that groomer. Anyway..... here's so pics:

Heading back to the car. I bet I look like a crazy dog lady now that there are three dogs :LOL:.

Additional news: Lewis is now registered and will have his first agility and rally-o shows in July.


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Thanks guys :X3:

I really like the one of Holly and Lewis in the tire too.
I think I'm going to get it printed and framed. It is really hard to get a photo of Holly and Lewis together that looks good. Lewis is so white that the contrast between him and Holly makes the photo look bad, sometimes the white balance goes crazy and Holly looks really dull etc. Also Lewis tends to give a massive grin which makes Holly look extremely grumpy compared to him (she doesn't grin).
That photo is pretty good and they are sitting nice and close together. It's a keeper! :D


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Looks like the pups had a great time and you got some fabulous shots - but I agree with everyone else, the one with the tire is priceless!! I love it!!! :love:(y)