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  1. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    Frida is my second lab and I think labs are the greatest dogs ever

    However , here is some very important facts that anyone should know before adopting a lab :

    1) It is true , probably one of the best family dog !! / But they need social activity A LOT !! So if you don't have enough time in you're schedule ; to train, play and socialise your lab ; don't get one because you're lab is going to be miserable and so are you !!

    2) Labs can be very energetic but in reality labs are more of a sprinter than a distance runner , which mean's that they do need to burn some energy but usually half an our per day for more intense activity is more than enough. They don't need to run 5 kM a day but more than anything they need to be part of the DAIYLY ROUTINE and enjoy the owner/family activity and company. Labs are very sociable dogs

    3) Like many other breeds , there is some labs that are more energetic than others / The owner needs to chose the breeder wisely

    4) Labs are prone to several diseases the most common ones are : hip and elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, crucial ligament tear (I just hope I'm spelling it right ) their ears need to be cleaned and check regularly because labs are prone to ears infection also. Yes, Labs are prone to obesity so the owner will have to feed his lab carefully.

    5) Lab do shed but as long as the undercoat is remove once a week the shedding is totally acceptable. The Labrador's coat doesn't require at lot grooming / Some owners may reconsider having a lab if they do not like to have hair stuck everywhere

    5) labs are very intelligent and easy to train as long as the owner is willing to make the effort. They are also very forgiving ; they are the perfect dog for owners that do not have a lot of experience !!/ Labs like to eat and I mean EAT !! Some of them will eat just about anything ! Because labs are very people oriented they think everyone is their friends !! Yes they like to jump !! So training is not a option it's a must !!!!

    6) The Labrador is truly the ultimate all around dog !! Very versatile he will adapt very easily in any kind or environment

    Voilà !! I hope this will help if anyone is looking for some advice
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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Great write up on labs :)

    Perhaps I could also add that in my opinion though labradors are in general a very good natured breed they need a lot of socialisation with all kinds of dogs as pups so they can learn good doggy manners. While many of the female labs I meet are very subservient with other dogs the males are often instinctively quite bombastic and pushy and that can be interpreted badly by other dogs.
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  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    Wonderful post on Labs. :) They are such a great breed, one I plan to always have around.
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  4. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    Actually if you” google” any information about Labradors in most description, you will find that Labradors are really god with other dogs, which is not always true. Labradors can be very pushy towards other dogs. They often have a boisterous personality . So you are right, an early socialisation will teach the lab how to behave properly around other dogs and stay away from trouble.

    Personally I don't see much difference between male and female. Frida use to be a bit pushy with other dogs. She is much better now , thanks to puppy class. Agility also really help, she learn to stay focus while other dogs were around !! Zack my first lab (male) was the most laid back dog I've ever had ! Really calm and quiet around other dogs ! I personally think temperament as more to do with it , either male or female can be pushy or calm and quiet around other dogs
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  5. running_dog Honored Member

    Maybe it is just in the UK, or even just in my area! About half of male labradors I meet are likely to rush up to my dog assuming that they are going to be able to push him around and generally get away with being rude in dog terms. They are wrong because lurchers like mine don't accept rudeness. Interestingly I have never found this behaviour in male labradors which are kept in groups of 2 or more, either just with other labs or with other breeds of dog. There are many solitary pet labradors I meet that have been walked off leash with other dogs from being pups and they don't behave rudely either. This is why I think it has a lot to do with socialisation.
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  6. dog nerd Well-Known Member

    I totally agree

    Dogs that are rushing up rudely to other dogs are more often dogs that do not have a lot of self control either because they did not have enough socialisation as puppy's or because of lack of training , it is a very impolite way to greet other dogs. Often owners are totally unaware that their dog are not behaving properly and can be interpreted badly from the other dog. It is the owner responsibility to make sure that his dog is behaving properly (please keep your dog leash if your dog didn't learn the proper way or if he's in a learning process) in order to avoid any conflict between dog. Also choosing the right partner for socialisation is very important, throwing a young pup in a dog park is not safe !

    Some labs are more easier than others just like my Zack , did have to do much with him, he was much calmer, so teaching him self control was much easier. He never got himself into trouble (with others dog) On the other hand Frida is much more boisterous and energetic . So I had to work a bit harder on her self control towards other dogs even if she had a lot of socialisation as a young dog (walking with and off leash , puppy class, obedience lesson and all kind of social activity). That is why I'm saying that temperament is an important factor that's need to be consider. Some dogs don't get alone with others and they probably never will they just want to be left along. Other will need more time to learn while other dogs totally don't care !!
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  7. running_dog Honored Member

    Totally agree. While sometimes we all make mistakes and our dogs rush up to other dogs it should be the exception rather than the rule. I just heard today about a lab who was attacked (not warned) after rushing another dog, it's the third labrador that this particular dog has attacked after a "rude" approach.

    Regarding temperament, I think many male dogs are more forgiving of being rushed by female dogs. Perhaps this is why I don't notice female labradors behaving rudely, my dog is so sexist he never thinks female dogs are bad mannered :rolleyes:.

    Overall it is something to be particularly aware of with labradors, they are loving but pushy and it can be very annoying for other dog owners and very dangerous for them if it isn't dealt with through socialisation, training or leash management. I very much appreciate that you (dognerd) are aware of and deal with the problem in your dogs.
  8. running_dog Honored Member

    One day last week I counted up how many dogs I met during our morning walk, there were 13, 11 of these were labradors, 8 of these labradors were black.

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