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Me and my partner got our puppy Manny just before christmas, he's now 10 week old, and everythings great, fully house trained (from today, now he can get down the stairs he goes to the back door instead of messing in the corner of our room), when left in the crate for up to 4 hours while we're at work he's fine, just goes to sleep as far as I can tell!
Only problem we're having in that at night, he'll sleep in his crate from 10:30 till anywhere between 3 and 5, then he wines to go out, we take him out and bring him back to his crate and he usually has to go out again with in 2 hours, but after another couple hours he wines to get up, he doesn't want to go out he just wines for attention, and after 3 weeks of interupted sleep it's gtting harder to ignore him.
Any tips on what we could do?
He also has a unhealthy obsession with my mum's cats, he's been swiped at loads but hasn't learnt yet! guess thats just a puppy thing lol


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You can set an alarm to right before the times you know he will need to go out so you wont be teaching him to whine. Or you can wait until a few seconds after he stops whining to go out. Then let him out quickly to just go bathroom and then right back in his crate. Just make sure you ignore him completely and don't let him out while he is whining. If you give into the whining it will only make it worse. As he gets older he will be able to hold it longer.


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What an adorable puppy!! That is good advice above, i can't help you with the cat thing, but, do be careful about "rewarding" the whining when he just wants to play...

Any att'n he gets for whining, (IF you are certain it is not go pee) he will quickly learn: If i whine, i CAN get petted, cuddled, out of the crate, toys thrown to me, whatever!
Does he have any chew toys or stuff to keep him busy til you get up?


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Thank you for the advice!
Yeah he has loads but i find he chews them near the edge, they fall out, he wines i put them bk in, he repeats lol! so i did stop putting them back in and he playing with his teddy instead.


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yeah i think hes a smart one! defo didnt take him long to realise if he nudges his chews out ill get up n he can try run outta his cage lol!


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Adorable puppy!
I'm kinda jumping into this one late, but...
You're letting him out every time he whines, so he knows whining=getting out. If you know the time frame he's whining to go out vs whining for attention, then that's great. Start letting him out before he starts whining for his potty break. Never let him out when he's whining.

As for the cats, he probably just needs some time to figure them out. When I first adopted my Border Collie, she'd never lived with a cat before. It took her a month and half before she was comfortable with my cat. Now she loooooves cats, and we have a cat now who loves She does like to stalk the cat, but she's a Border Collie...kinda what they do. ^^


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he's still showing alot of interest in the cats, even after a few minor injuries lol! i guess he'll learn!
He's sleeping alot better now we can take him out for walks, thanks for all advice :D


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Samoyed x Labrador

Very cute puppy!

I also bought a Samoyd x Lab just before Christmas, a Bitch we have named 'Mishka' (Teddy Bear).
I have enclosed a picture, her litter were all Black or Black and White. I would love to continue this 'breed' in the future as they are absolutely adorable and very clever, she is 6 months old now so not looking to breed her for a while yet! But trying to find a perspective dad in the future as these dogs seem very rare.

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