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I am a current owner of 2 chocolate labs. When I got married 3 years ago I came with my chocolate lab Murphi. My step son fell in love with him but Murphi will always be mine. always sleeps with me, follows me. So, in a weak moment we got another lab....Barkley is 3 years old but we have realized that we have created a young dog that has only known his buddy (murphi is 11). We will have to get another dog after Murphi passes as Barkley as only known a companion. We want to go smaller....I think it maybe a good idea to look now and maybe get a 3rd. I'm so afraid that Murphi will go and Barkley will be left alone without a buddy...Any thoughts....

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Hi, and welcome. Are you in the US or Canada? You can check out to look for adoptable dogs based on age and size. Murphi may not be interested in having a very young puppy in the house, so you may find that a young but mature dog may be a better companion for Barkley.


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Cute pic! Good advice above from A & C. Where are you? If you're in the US, always dogs available for adoption, and you can always get another "grown puppy" (meaning, 2+ yrs old) and have a good idea as to size and temperament if you go thru a rescue. Foster homes/rescue groups will give you good ideas as to both and you can pretty much get whatever you want - they'd love to help you find your perfect dog. Let us know where you are, and there are lots on here who love looking thru petfinder too (as you'll find out if you stick around). :LOL: It also just occurred to me - do you just want a smaller sized Lab, or are you thinking a smaller dog, period? Not sure, so maybe clarify, now I'm confused, or maybe just confused myself (wouldn't be the first time). :LOL: Love the names of your dogs, too - and can't wait to see pics of both.


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Welcome to DTA!!!!:D I'm sure you can find the perfect dog for you, through rescuing. There are many perfect dogs out there, just waiting for a good home, where someone will love them, and care for them. Check out petfinder, or adopt a You won't regret it!:)