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Hi everyone!

I stumbled upon this site over the weekend. Looks good so far! Here's where I'd talk about my dog, if I had one. (But I don't yet.) I'm reeeally hoping for one after I graduate in May. Only a couple more months! I'd like a girl, either a lab/border collie mix or a full lab -- no way I'm ready for a full bc! And eventually I want a toller. They've stolen my heart. I'd like to get into SAR work, with whatever bundle of fur I end up with. :dogbiggrin:

So thanks for all the cool ideas to keep me occupied until I have someone to practice them with; I'm adding them to my 'tricks-to-teach' list!
I'll be lurking,


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Ahh, yeah, it'll be the first dog that's all mine. :msnblushing: I did a bunch of dog sitting while growing up, but we were a cat family. I'm 'sharing' a service dog-in-training right now. Have I picked a breed to hard to handle for first-timers?


Jean Cote

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Nope. But you should pick a breed that matches your personality and what kind of activities you will be doing with him. There are match makers based on breeds out there, I guess you'll have to google it as there isn't one on this website (yet). :)

For example, if you want a leash free dog, you wouldn't want to get a husky. Or if you want to play flyball or agility, you wouldn't get a toy dog.


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Consider a "rescue" dog, that has lived with 'foster parents', they can tell you what that exact, particular dog is like!!!! You can find rescue dogs on "Petfinders.com". Is a great website for dog-hunters!!!
But i agree with Jean above, you do wanna study up the breed for the amount of time you will have available to put into your dog.
Me, i kinda think labs are more hyper than my BC, i do. But, on the other hand, My BC DOES have to, and i mean HAVE TO, learn something most every day, or use his mind anyway every day. He needs that even more than his walks/runs!! But he isn't really hyper... exactly. But BCs can't be/shouldn't be left home alone for extended periods of time, they turn into "Bored Collies" then!
GOOD LUCK! IT IS EXCITING to be getting a new dog!! If you do have questions about a particular breed, soneone here will be able to give you some advice!!! (of course, there are exceptions to prove the breed 'rule', and each dog in unique!)


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A big welcome to you. Do get on line and research your breeds a lot before you decide. That cute husky puppy if you don't get much exercise will soon be very frustrated because he Lives to run, and those Tollers need a LOT of exercise and mental stimulation as well. If those are the types of things you like too then that breed might be for you. Call some breeders that you may find or see on www.akc.org and talk about the breed explaining you are researching responsibly what dog is right for you. 99% of the ones I called were very happy tell me good and more important bad about the breed. Talk to someone that is NOT at the moment selling puppies and is NOT a puppy mill (they are very clever in disguising themselves). Many if not most online puppies are mills, so be cautious. Reputable breeders don't need to advertise online and will not b/c they are very picky about the future of their much loved pups. Most mill puppies can be akc registered so don't let that fool you.

The akc is a good place to hook up with breed rescue clubs who will tell you EVERYTHING b/c they want you going in with eyes open. Or google your state and breed and rescue or breed and club. For example I have Goldens and they have great national breed sites and how to avoid puppy mills. Each breed club has info on health too and what the breed typically has problems with. http://www.grca.org/health/index.html you need to know all this to in making a decision. If you can rescue or foster (trial) a purebred dog you can literally save a life too.

Examples of similar u can find on ur favorite breed clubs sites
there is a downloadable brochure of questions You should ask any breeder and what to look for in a breeder. You should also see exercise requirements, health concerns, grooming hassles, good and bad traits. If the breeder doesn't ask any questions about your life run the other way. And you may know all this already but I do rescue and am waging a war on puppy mills; so I feel the need to warn others that may read this too even if you already know. All pet store dogs (unless rescue adoption events) are mill puppies period.

Good luck and life to you and your new best friend. Please do let us know what happens. :dogcool: