Just checking in...


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Just a quick update....

The dog-boarding business is going from strength to strength with a steady stream of dogs coming through. I currently have a Labradoodle gnawing at a chew-toy behind my back as I write this update. Ellie has been doing her turns as part of a canine display event through these warmer months.

My canine photography is starting to take off now, with prints being sold and invites coming through to photograph specific events, such as a 'Poodle Party' on the 19th of this month. And finally, I've managed to produce a canine photography book which is due to start selling in a week or two, though, for obvious reasons, to a somewhat limited audience! (Preview Book: http://www.blurb.com/books/712916) But it's given me great practise for future projects that I now want to venture into.

Busy busy bumble-bee.

Hope everyone and their dog(s) are doing fine and enjoying these summer months!

- M


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Good to hear from you - your photos are brilliant!

Are you looking after a labradoodle or a labradonkey?! :doglaugh:


Jean Cote

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Have you considered taking 'portrait' pictures of dogs after dog training graduation classes? The place I went to had this option during the last training day and the pictures are awesome. The photographer put 'Name, Grade X, Date' at the bottom in a bone shape. Pretty neat.


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Hmm not really sure about the bone at the bottom idea as it's just not really my style, but the rest sounds like a good idea. At the moment, I'm just flattered at the attention my photography is getting and making the most of it. :)

On a totally different note, I've also been asked to do (and have already started) all the photography charting a friend's pregnancy, childbirth, and the preceding few weeks, and then also make a book from it.

Here is a couple from the collection:

How lucky am I? I still have to pinch myself now and again when I remember that people actually want to pay me for doing what I just love doing!


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Thank you. At my age you just start to resent yourself for not capitalising on any talent years before. It really must be my year this year, as I managed to get my photos used in a James Wellbeloved (UK dog food) presentation today. And got paid for it too! I tell you, someone up there likes me at the moment. I'm now about to enter some photos into the KC 2009 Dog Photographer of the Year contest. Here's hoping...

I only hope everyone else is having similar good fortune, and enjoying the summer months with their dogs and training.


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Cool - how did the Poodle party go?!

I love the dog photos, and making a photo book out of a pregnancy is an awesome idea.

Best of luck for the dog photographer contest :)



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Doing canine photography is something else I'd like to do. I think it compliments the art work. If I could make money from that as well I'd be over the moon. I'm looking forward to getting started seriously into the photography. It is heartening to read that there are still oppurtunities out there for us all with our dreams.


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CM!!!!! Great to hear from you. Glad things are taking off for ya!!

Evidently my connection's too slow for the link. >< Try again later.

Lol, labradonkey. XD


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Collie Man, where'd YOU go? Off on the book tour?:msnwink: MIss ya!
That made me laugh. Yes, the worldwide book tour has started. Look out for signings in your area soon. Actually, you better not....

Cool - how did the Poodle party go?!


Best of luck for the dog photographer contest
The Poodle party went well. It rained but it didn't kill things too much. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I'll let you know how it goes.

Doing canine photography is something else I'd like to do. I think it compliments the art work. If I could make money from that as well I'd be over the moon.
You should just go for it. Because it's such a niche market (photographing just dogs) there is a market for it. And people never seem to tire of spending money on their dog, if the results are worth it.

Now I have to go and create book number two!


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Very cool CollieMan! It's really awesome that you can make money doing what you love. If only we all could be so lucky.

I have a friend who is an amazing photographer. Several of us have been trying to encourage her into a professional career, but she really doesn't think anyone here will buy her photos, or how to go about doing it. Do you have any tips on how she could get started? I've made some suggestions to her, but I don't believe she's done anything. She must have literally thousands of pictures.


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Thank you, jazzycat.

I think that is often the case with photographers - not being able to make that leap from hobbyist to professional, or even to recognise when you have made the leap! I'm still not sure where I am! :)

I can only really answer in relation to photographing dogs as that is what I do. My advice in that respect is that she ask local dog training clubs if she can tag along for 'practise' at photographing dogs. She will be amazed at how much interest her work generates if she has a real talent. But she needs to hear that from non-biased people.

It's great that friends tell you that you are good, but they do come with an obvious bias. A hobbyist photographer needs to be sure that her or she can get the same positive feedback from a typical unbiased would-be customer. Dog owners are like mothers - they know when you make their dog look bad and they are not afraid to tell you.

Attending dog shows is also another avenue. I get invited along to them these days by my local training group and so I make a lot of contacts there, and get invites to do other work too. That has been invaluable to me.

Once you get the photos, it then comes down to selling them. For that, there are sites such as zenfolio and smugmug. Both do all the payment processing, printing and delivering for you, leaving the photographer to just upload and make money from his or her work. For Zenfolio, the one I use, it takes $100 per year to set up and then they take a tiny cut from each sale, and I do mean tiny.

Hope that helps. :)