Jump In My Arms


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I wanted to teach this trick, because it is used in frisbee and dogdance a lot.
I tried different ways to get her to actually jump. She would just jump up at me, keeping her hindlegs on the ground. A friend of mine, who is really good at frisbee, told me to sit on a chair and have her jump on my lap, so I tried that. But again, she wouldn't use her hindlegs, or she would climb on me.
Tried it on the couch, because she knows how to jump up on the couch, but she wouldn't jump on me, but next to me... Then i saw a tutorial in which the person would lean against the wall with bent legs and ask the dog to jump up at her. That didn't work for us.
But then I realized what was the problem!! I asked Jinx to jump right at me. She wouldn't do that. But when I asked her to jump a little to my right(as if she were to jump over my leg) she would do that! So I tried catching her and suddenly it all came together!
Now she is jumping much better and she is even using her hind legs to on my leg for grip. Whoehoeee!! Now she is using her legs on me, I can eventually go on teaching her a bodybounce.
But for now we need to perfect the jump in my arms.


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Not my land unfortunately:( No I don't have a garden, so I train where ever I can. This is in the woods, where we regularly walk.;)


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I'm glad she got it!!
It took me a while too, and now she is doing it perfectly. She is getting more confident, so she is now jumping right at me, as I wanted.
So just keep practising and she will get better at it!


Hey guys! I just taught my dog, Porter, to jump into my arms. Here's how I did it:
Because he was reluctant to jump into my lap when I was just sitting in a chair, I would sit on the ground and mark with a clicker whenever he put a paw on my lap, and then he would eventually would stand on my lap (my legs straight out in front of me). Then, when he was comfortably doing that, I slowly moved to an ottoman, and would mark whenever he put that third leg up. After about a day of lengthy (but fun!) training, he was enthusiastically jumping into my lap! Then, I moved to an actual chair, with my legs straight out in front of me, and started patting my chest to encourage him to jump up. After a while, he was, then I started sitting on pillows on the chair to add height. He was reluctant at first, but got the hang of it. After adding much, much height, and he was successfully jumping up into my arms/lap, I stacked to ottoman on the chair, which gave me the most height. I never sat on the ottoman when on the chair, I just leaned against it for support. With a whole lot of encouragement, and my legs very slowly starting to be upright, he was jumping up! Now he will fully jump up into my arms when I am upright.

You really have to remember that when your dog has learned to jump up into your arms, it shows a huge deal of trust from your dog that you will catch him. He is relying on you! Please, try your best every single time, even if he isn't jumping, to make the effort to catch him to show him that he can trust you. After a while, your dog will understand, and you'll have a very enthusiastic jumping dog!