Joey , Georgia The Bulldog, And Jersey The Hound Mix

Joseph Ramirez

New Member
Hi, My name is Joey
I am in the navy and currently deployed, i have 2 dogs. An english bulldog named Geogia and a lab/hound mix named Jersey.(im from GA and my wife is from Jersey) Georgia knows speak, roll over, shake,were working on crawl, and if were outside off leash and i say home she will run to the back door. we got jersey right before i deployed so i havent gotten a chance to work with her yet.

i had a friend that had a dog that could "smile" on command. which was really just showing the teeth but i thought it was neat any one got any tips on how to teach something like that when your dog almost never does that on her own???

Jean Cote

Staff member
Greetings Joey! Welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! ;) I know in movies they use rubber bands to get the teeths to show (unless the dog knows the trick), I'm not sure how it can be taught. Maybe someone else can help some more . . . ;)